Thursday, August 05, 2010

The End

Four years ago, on August 11th, 2006, Maidens of Worth was launched. In fact, our 4th blogaversary would be here soon. However, after thinking and praying about the purpose of this blog at this time of life, instead of moving forward, we've decided to bring this blog to an end.

We've wondered when this time would come. After all, you just can't maintain a blog forever. We originally thought this blog might last us throughout our maidenhood, but the time to stop is here, although marriage isn't in the foreseeable future for either of us. But, we trust that God's timing will be best for that too. He's been faithful through the years of blogging, and will continue through this next season of sharing less.

Why stop now? God has led us to be involved in many things, and blogging has become less of a priority. Miriam will have a full course load and extra-curricular activities at Judson college, in addition to being an RA this fall; Anna has a busy schedule of teaching and directing through The King's Courts while continuing to study on her own and look for other ways to serve from home. While writing and blogging about these activities and other thoughts along the way is fun, we both feel that we don't have the time maintaining this blog well would take. And while having an online community of blogging friends is encouraging, we feel that the time we have to devote to friendships should be more focused on close friends both near by and across the states.

We've also come to realize that sometimes life is better not shared with hundreds of people in an online, very public way. God has led different people in different ways, and our lives, while we hope they were encouraging to others, were never meant to be taken as the pattern or only way to live Biblical womanhood. While it's challenged and matured us to learn to communicate our convictions in a public way, there are things we just prefer to keep private and among close friends and family. Much as it would have been fun to share our stories when those special young men - whoever they are - come into our lives, it will also be easier not to have to worry about blogging it, but instead, just enjoy the experiences when they come.

Our friendship is still strong; we've remained friends through the years. If anything, we've grown closer, by God's grace. However, our spent spent as co-blogging, at least for now, has come to a close. Miriam may update her blog, Merely Miriam periodically, and Anna will still be blogging about productions on The King's Courts. The content on Maidens of Worth will remain up as an online archive, but don't look for anything new.

It has been a good four years. We've matured and been challenged over our time of blogging. We're still committed to serving God, however He wants us to, as maidens of worth.

Now, in 2010, we're excited to see what God has in store!