Friday, July 09, 2010

20th Birthday Weekend

Last weekend was a wonderful celebration with my family! Thank you again, Elijah, for the wonderful surprise!

Sunday we were out all day - church in the morning, lunch afterward, home church fellowship that afternoon, and a picnic supper and fireworks that evening. Since it was the 4th, it was a good excuse to wear patriotic colors!

Fireworks is a fun tradition; it's always sweet to see the wonder on a little one's face as the colors explode. Maria drove down with her three children on Sunday, adding to the family celebration.

On Monday, Jubilee and Mom made a birthday cake and lunch for us.

Elijah planned a surprise birthday party for me Monday evening, and told me to find a blindfold for the car ride. Dutifully, I chose a piece of cloth that I wouldn't be able to see through, not thinking about the color and how it would look...

We made it to our destination without my knowing where we were, but when I removed the blindfold and we got out of the car, to our surprise, not one but three police cars pulled up behind us. Someone had seen me blindfolded in the car and called the police! The police were understanding of the birthday surprise, and said they couldn't forbid blindfolds as part of it, but cautioned us that it wasn't the best idea, especially when driving through the city. We learned our lesson and won't do it again! But, it definitely gave us an interesting memory...

Elijah had arranged for Miriam and her brother and the three Simon siblings to meet us at a bowling alley, where he treated us to supper and 2 games of bowling. I felt totally spoiled and blessed by all the surprises he planned!

Lane 1 bowlers

Lane 2 bowlers; we all had quite a few gutter balls, but it was fun!

To top it all off, the Simons had arranged for us to go to their house after bowling for dessert and games. We stayed until Midnight before heading home.

It was a celebration I never expected - I thought I would just spend the day quietly at home - but I am so thankful for the fun memories.

The rest of the week went by in a blur, with auditions for "The Cord of Courage" on Tuesday, many details to sort through on Wednesday (including tough casting decisions!) and the first rehearsal on Thursday. Tonight is another drama presentation - "Life in 10 Minutes" - a collection of dramatic speeches and monologues.


Victoria Anne said...

We are so THANKFUL you were born-and born at HOME--our first home birth. PRAISE GOD ! It is amazing it was 20 years ago. You have wonderful brothers & sisters & it was fun helping Elijah pull off the surprises. May Holy Spirit continue to pour into your life Jesus' JOY, Strength,Wisdom, & overflowing Love :)

Marlana said...

LOl. Yes, better not go blind folded through the city. It looks like the person kidnapping you does not want you to know where you are going. :P But it will be a good memory.

The Patriot said...

Awww, fun! :) I had to laugh over the blindfold thing. Just to add to the excitement... and by the way, there's nothing wrong with feeling spoiled on one's birthday! I'm glad Elijah was able to be there and make it special for you.