Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer Days

Summer days seem to fly by. There's quite a bit to do, but time to relax as well...

Like playing games over lunch with Jubilee; Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride are our favorites right now.

Or calling up Elijah because I feel lonely, and spending 45 minutes wandering around outside so that I can get reception on my cell phone. At least summer evenings are much cooler and more bearable than summer days! And big brothers that care are one of the best things in the world.

Life has recently has had a lot to do with email... Emailing to set up the schedule for "Life in 10 Minutes," and then making a flier and emailing out invitations. Or making audition forms, a production calender, production guidelines and character and job descriptions, and then emailing out audition reminders for "The Cord of Courage." Emailing friends, emailing church bulletin announcements, emailing thoughts for a book study, emailing scripts for proofreading... What would I do without email?

But then I get tired of the computer. I breathe a sigh of relief when I turn it off each night. Because too much of it is taxing; there's life outside the screen, after all.

Sometimes my life feels like one big planning session after another. But if I didn't plan things, they wouldn't get done... and though the planning is exhausting, life would be pretty boring without it.

There's so much to write and type, that I don't feel like writing in my journal or typing up a blog post. But, they both got done today, rambling thought they are; that gives a sense of accomplishment.

Cleaning floors and working up a sweat; cooking supper and enjoying corn on the cob; shredding zucchinni and making delicious, moist bread; teaching students and then spending time talking with friends late in the evening; taking a minute to just sit and reflect... life is full right now, but it is good. God gives grace for each new day.

And the best day of the week is tomorrow! I hope you all have a restful Sunday, and that you have the opportunity to worship the Lord, hear good teaching, and fellowship with the Body of Christ.

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Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

Summer days! it is not my favorite season -- thanks to the heat -- but it is a wonderful time to get some things done. My summer "time off" was only two weeks this year, but I still enjoy getting a few extra things done. You are definitely staying productive.