Monday, June 21, 2010

Purity for purity's sake?

Ben at In All Purity has written a great post on purity that I encourage you to all read. It's called Would You Marry a Sinner?

When we're committed to living a life of purity, often people have questions about whether we'd even consider someone who hasn't kept the same standards of purity. However, as Ben points out, we're all sinners. Our future spouse will be a sinner.

He also clearly communicated the reasons we have for purity:
"You and I have a reason for purity that the world often doesn’t have. We have a purpose and a reason for making this sacrifice! It’s a reason that makes all the difference. The reason is this: purity is not about purity. Purity is about love! Purity is something that doesn’t have much value unless you have love as the reason for it. The reason I stay pure is because I love my future wife enough to stay pure for her."
Read the whole post here.


Bonnie said...

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Rael said...

"Purity is about love"

Very important distinction, and true of all the other virtues as well. Without love, I am nothing. Great reminder!

This is something I've been thinking about a lot this past year. On the one hand, I want to be willing to enter a relationship with someone who has not had a great background or track record, but is now repentant and obedient. Of course He'll be a sinner. And I want to have, as a Boundless article puts it, "Faith in the Man He'll Become." But I also don't want to be blind to character problems that do matter. As the writer of that post said, one still should be wise and discerning in choosing a spouse.

Anyways, much to think about! Thanks for your blog of great encouragement and loveliness, Anna! :-)

Mirka said...

My husband married a sinner, a person with rough background. I wasn't pure and waited like him. But with his love I have forgiven finally for myself. Of course I encourage to stay pure, for my own sad experience.

Still I see Him work with grace, we are loved and healed with love. Our steps aside don't have to define our paths for rest of our lives. We can step back to right path and renew.

CĂ©line said...

My story is a bit like Mirka. I didn't wait until marriage, but my husband did.

I just want to let anyone who reads this, to know that it is worth the wait. I wish I hadn't even kissed until the day I got married, that I hadn't "dated" in high school! I wish that I had learned more about the importance of purity and modesty when I was younger. It took so long for me to finally realize how important these things are!

But I praise God for His grace and love, and I am grateful that God blessed me with a husband who forgave me and didn't hold my past sins against me. Although I have to admit, the past sins I made still do have consequences that sometimes makes things hard in my marriage.

So yes, everyone, always remember that because we are saved by God, does not mean we can use that grace as a license to commit any sin; any kind of sin. Even after we have repented and been forgiven, sins may still have consequences later on.

Like Ben said, have your future spouse in mind, if it is God's will for you to get married :). Imagine being able to tell them that you waited just for them.

Pray for your future spouse, that they will resist temptations, and for their wellbeing and for their walk with God. :)

Shortly before I met my husband, God had laid on my heart to pray for my future husband's depression. And guess what: after I met him and later on we became friends, he told me that, indeed, he had suffered of depression for many years! He said that it finally went away. God is so amazing!

Ask God to lay things on your heart to pray for your future spouse, things that your future spouse might be struggling with at this moment :)