Sunday, June 06, 2010

Day 19 - Scrapbooking and Cake!

Saturday, June 5th:

We decided which pictures to print on Friday night, uploaded them to Walmart's 1-hour photo, and picked them up Saturday morning. We spent most of the afternoon scrapbooking; Ella generously let us use her neat supplies.

It's great to get most of the trip's memories preserved now rather than try when we get home!

Anna and Jennifer - twins from Alabama and Nebraska; 19 years, 11 months old today. We celebrated our 20th birthday a month early since we were together!

Gabrielle made the most amazingly delicious triple-layer chocolate cake! It was very rich but so so good! Jennifer's comment: "If I don't wake up in the morning, you'll know why... I died happy." :)


Anonymous said...

Death by Chocolate...what a way to go! ;-)

How neat to have a friend you share a birthday with, and how wonderful that you could celebrate with her (even a month early). May God continue to bless your trip with many more happy memories!

~'Wild Rose'
in (North) Idaho

Meghan said...

Yummy cake!