Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring Happenings

This spring has definitely been a busy one. "A Sacrifice of Praise" (see pictures here and picture slideshow here) went well, praise God! Things haven't really slowed down much since then, though. There's always new things coming up to prepare for!

I do have some pictures to share from this past week, which I suppose is better than nothing. It's simply amazing how fast this year is flying by.

Miriam Rebekah finished her freshman year of college in time to come down for "A Sacrifice of Praise." It was great to see her there, and especially wonderful to spend time with her last Wednesday. We caught up on talking - to some extent, at least! - went bargain shopping, stopped for a Mint Cookies and Cream shake during the 1/2 price hours at Steak and Shake, and then came back to my house for the evening.

She spent the night, then left early on Thursday for a singing engagement. 2 hours later, my family left for Texas.

We went to Longview, TX to see my brother Elijah graduate from college. I still remember when first went to college, so it's hard to believe the 4 years have already passed.

We stayed Thursday and Friday night with the family of one of his good friends from college. They're a homeschooling family with 6 children, and we all enjoyed spending time with each other. It's fun to connect with God's people from different states!

Dressing up for Elijah's senior banquet on Friday night.

The graduate himself, with a degree in Computer Science and Engineering from LeTourneau University. I'm going to miss him; his full-time job in Iowa starts in June.

The family after the graduation. It was funny to hear Elijah keep explaining to people, "No, these aren't all my siblings, just the younger ones!" :)

On Sunday afternoon, we went to the Montgomery Youth Symphony's Mother's Day concert. It's become our yearly tradition, as many friends play in it. It's a time to listen to great music, but also an excuse to be with friends!

Three other families and ourselves went to the Riverfront park after the concert. It was quite the experience (exhausting but fun!) playing Ultimate Frisbee on a slanting slope.

It was an absolutely beautiful day!

We packed a picnic supper... Food always tastes better eaten outdoors with friends!

Great fellowship.

With another set of siblings we jokingly claim as our own. Time is passing quickly in this respect too... how did we all get to be so grown up?

May's almost half over, and more travels are ahead.


Katie said...

Looks like a lot of fun!! :)

Rael said...

Goodness - I was at that graduation too, and the senior banquet the night before! I remember thinking specifically, "I wonder if any young lady is here whose blog I read." Hehe! Sorry I didn't realize - I would have loved to introduce myself and meet you in person!

Anna Naomi said...

Rael: That's neat! It's a small world. :)