Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 9 - Grand Tetons, Wyoming

Wednesday, May 26th:

The drive to the Tetons were longer than we thought it would be - we were guessing an hour, but between delays for roadwork and a bison herd crossing the road, plus a big miscalculation of miles, we were in the car for nearly 4 hours. So, we were famished by the time we got there, and greatly enjoyed lunch!

It was special for Anna's mom especially, for she remembered sitting in almost the same spot 50 years ago with her family, drinking a chocolate shake. So, she had to order a chocolate shake to recreate the memory. :)

The Grand Teton Mountains were amazingly beautiful. God has created such wonder and diversity! This trip has allowed us to enjoy so much of it!

The Lofgren family - We've gotten quite a few comments from various people noticing that we're obviously related. :)

We stopped by Jenny Lake visitor center, and we engaged in an impromptu snowball fight. We're from Alabama after all - we're still enjoying this foreign white stuff! :)

The Chapel of the Transfiguration was lovely; a perfect foreground for the majestic mountains.

We're back in West Yellowstone, Montana for another night, then it's on to new places, and the final travel destination for Anna and Miriam.


Christina said...

It's been interesting following your travels. My family and I traveled that exact same route several years ago, only Yellowstone was closed because of snowstorms so we didn't get to see it, which was really sad. Everything else we saw though! Brings back memories! :)

Victoria Anne said...

It has been a WONDERFUL time. Our God is AMAZING to design and create such MAJESTY and VARIETY !
My two older sisters both worked at Jackson Lake Lodge, actually 48 years ago. Judy was a waitress in the main dining room and Sara took reservations for guests to stay. That lodge's huge window "framed" view of The Grand Tetons is absoulutely beautiful and truly unforgetable ! PRAISE GOD for His Faithfulness and joy to come back with my husband and children ! Our waitress in The Grille was from Jamaica. She said she hopes she can come back with her family someday. It's been fun to meet so many interesting people from all over who have summer jobs here, young AND OLD :) Love, Anna's Mom