Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 6 - Cody, Wyoming

Sunday, May 23rd:

A lovely spot to sit after a few hours in the car!

We visited Devils Tower National Monument after lunch; the huge rock was magnificent, showing God's majesty.

There were some rock climbers in various places, so we tried to see if we could spot them.

We took the 1.3 mile hike around, which was a wonderful change from sitting cramped in the car. Of course, we had to stop periodically for pictures. :)

"I wish I could climb it!"

As we drove on, we began to see beautiful, snow covered mountains in the distance. After a stop for ice cream, we learned that we would be driving through them!

Snow is a rare sight for these Alabamians; it was hard driving through it as it snowed, but it was so beautiful!

We stayed the night at a hotel in Cody, WY, but since we got in late, we didn't do anything in town. The next morning we enjoyed breakfast at a local restaurant, and it was fun interacting with the friendly people in the West!

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Ella said...

This gal has never been to Devil's Tower, but has heard lots about it, so I loved the pictures!

And yes, Western people have a reputation for being friendly. I'm thrilled about that!