Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 5 - Badlands and Mt. Rushmore, SD

Saturday, May 22nd:

We stopped at the "world famous" corn palace in Mitchell, South Dakota. It was really neat (a whole building covered with corn cobs in different designs), but we couldn't resist posing with this cute corn cob across the street. :)

The drive was again around 7 hours, but it was enjoyable. We drove through 35 miles of the Badlands and enjoyed taking a lot of pictures. Despite the name, the Badlands were breathtaking!

We're in the midst of amazing landscape, yet we find dandelions to pose with! Sometime's it's life's simple things... It was neat to see how the formations were framed in the background.

Anna was wearing her "Do Hard Things" Rebelutionary shirt, so we couldn't resist incorporating it in a picture.

We arrived in Keystone, SD around supper, checked into our hotel, then headed to Mt. Rushmore. It was cold, but we enjoyed looking around in the welcome center, and watching the outdoor program. The work that went in to these sculptures is amazing!

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I love your blog and have decided to award you with the Sunshine Award!