Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 4 - Sioux Falls, SD

Friday, May 21st:

Crocheting in the car; Miriam's doing edging on a pillowcase and teaching Anna to make a simple scarf.

Enjoying fresh air at a rest area. It's nice after a few hours in the car! The drive was about 7 hours today.

It was beautiful weather when we stopped in Blue Earth, Minnesota, so we took some time to stretch our legs and play frisbee. We had a little problem, though...
The final big throw landed the frisbee on the roof of the welcome center. It took about 30 minutes and 6 people working together to get it down, but we finally did, thanks to Elijah's strong back and Jubilee's bravery. :)

We ate supper with some relatives of Anna at Pizza Ranch, talked for quite a while, and found a hotel for the night. More adventures are ahead tomorrow!


Abigail said...

You guys were in Blue Earth? That's (at most) 25 minutes from me!

Anonymous said...

Wish I could crochet (or knit, or embroider...) in the car, but it gives me a headache! You are so blessed.
Sounds like you had fun--despite having to fetch the Frisbee off the roof! (Actually, climbing up on a roof sounds like fun, too!)

God bless,
~'Wild Rose' in Idaho

Victoria Anne said...

How many Lofgrens does it take to get a frisbee off the roof? It was a problem Lydia knew just how to solve !

She found 2 long sticks and tied them together; then told who to do what because Jubilee could not see the frisbee at first, it was MUCH higher on the roof.

This same, OOPS! frisbee-on-the-roof-of the-visitor's-center happened to us once before at a rest stop in Minnesota some years ago, so this was not the first time !!!

Fun memories :) Anna's Mom