Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 3 - Marion, IA

Thursday, May 20th:

Stopping for lunch in Cameron, Missouri

There were 3 cars on the initial leg of our journey, and we rode with Elijah in his. It was only a 6-hour drive to our destination this time, but it rained the whole way.

Playing Dutch Blitz in the Cedar Rapids mall.

Elijah has a full time job here in Cedar Rapids, and we were able to spend the evening with some of his housemates. He'll be so far from home, but the area and his friends here are nice.


Anna B said...

Hey, welcome to Iowa! I live in Coralville, about 40 min south of where you are in Marion. :-)

linda said...

Hi, I have been reading your blog for over a year. I am much older, mostly I like your point of view. I would love my two girls to grow up to have faith like yours. I was shocked to see you are in Cedar Rapids!!! where I live.

Modestkini said...

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