Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Are You There?

Holy Father
Hear my cry
Listen to me
The depth of my sigh

I once walked in the garden
Once knew Your light
But then I gave up,
Gave up the fight

Long years I lived
Running from Your call
Unwilling to run the risk
Of losing it all

But I need to know
Are You there?
Do You still want me,
Do You still care?

Because I'm weeping
Over the pain I cause You
Forgive me, hold me
Help me start a life that is new


Ella said...

That's beautiful, Miriam! Did you write it? It's like something I could have written!

Anna Naomi said...

Lovely words, my dear, and from deep in your heart.

It is so encouraging to know that, no matter what, God is still there and won't leave us. Our faithful Father will complete the good work He's started in us. It's been encouraging to me to see you pursuing Him.

Just curious; did you write this recently or a while ago?

kannan said...

Wonderful poem