Friday, April 09, 2010

Spring Sewing

A common birthday present for my nieces are matching dresses. However, I must admit, they're often very belated birthday gifts! This spring I've been busy sewing dance skirts/slips and altering costumes, but I finally managed to finish these dresses for my nieces.

The dresses were made using Simplicity's patterns #9497. I've used this pattern many times, and really like how easy and versatile it is! It was fun finding this beautiful fabric and all the girly trim to go with it.

A lovely spring dress!

Perfect for enjoying the lovely weather and finding flowers. :)

You can see dance portraits with this spring's costumes by clicking here and here. They were fun to work on, but they did take quite a bit of time, to find, order, alter, and distribute.

What about you? Have you sewn anything this spring?


PoetLady said...

Sorry, I guess they didn't smile in any of the photos:(

But they still look cute:) The sun was bright so they are kind of squinting against it which made them look mad.

But they DO love the dresses!!:)

Thanks again!

Your sister,

Mrs. Hart said...

Beautiful dresses...I love the color!

Ella Gunter said...

These are very pretty!! I'd like to have one myself :).
Great job!


Abigail and Lydia said...

Good job on the dresses!:)