Saturday, April 10, 2010

"More Like Falling in Love" Dance/Drama

A few month's ago, my pastor excitedly called me into his office, saying, "You've got to hear this song!" He's been doing a sermon series on walking in grace, and this song, "More Like Falling in Love" by Jason Gray, perfectly complemented it. He asked me to come up with a dance/drama for it, so I got a group together and we presented it during the morning service on March 21st.

Too often we can get caught up trying to do what the "good" Christian should do, and totally forget that our focus should be on our Savior. When we fall in love with Him, we will follow Him out of love, not duty. Hopefully this song and the accompanying movements will encourage you.

You can see the video larger on YouTube by clicking here, or on Tangle by clicking here.


Miss Emily Rachael said...

That was awesome! Great job!

Emily <3

Miss Emily Rachael said...

I forgot to tell favorite song? I do believe so lol <3

Luke and Michele said...

Very nice job, Anna and dancers!

Mrs. Hart said...

Womderful! Loved the song, the dance and the message!

MissNonaEleanor said...

Lurker here...

I just love that song! You did an awesome job choreographing it!


Miss Kirsten said...

a pen pal recently sent me the link to this exact song, and almost immediately I went out and bought the entire album--and it's been worth every cent. his songs just touch my heart in a special way. thanks for sharing the video :-)

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Mackenzie Evans said...

Very nice.:)

Miriam said...

Anna, Thanks for posting this! I really enjoyed watching my used-to-be-little sister and her friends do such a wonderful job on the acting/dancing! A great song as well!

Leslie said...

Wow! I've never heard that song before! It is beautiful, just like the dance you created for it! Great job!

The Patriot said...

Great job, Anna! You always create such engaging formations. :)

Laura said...

Hello! My name is Laura, and I was wondering if I could have permission to re-post this video on my blog? I was planning on posting about how Christianity isn't just a religion, it's about falling in love with God. This song fits so well with it! You can leave a comment on my blog,, or email me at

Thank you so much!

Lydia said...

I'd have to say, that's an awesome song and great portrayal of the message.
It describes some things I've been working through in my faith and relationship with God recently. Thank you for sharing it!