Monday, April 19, 2010

Delightful Study

"...all true study must be delightful."
- Gregg Harris, in The Right Choice by Christopher J. Klicka
Do you agree?

When I read those words this morning, they made sense. After all, what do you remember best? What you forced yourself (or were forced) to study and slogged through, or what you studied because you couldn't wait to learn more? Often, it's your attitude in approaching the material that makes all the difference.

I truly find delight in learning. My goal is to be a life-long learner. I may not do more more than read a chapter in a book and take a few notes, but I often find myself pondering what I've read throughout the day.

With "A Sacrifice of Praise" coming up in two weeks, and all the details it entails, I don't have as much time to study as I'd like. But, I try to follow the study schedule I've made myself, and when I can fit them in, those few hours each morning are definitely worth it.

The spring weather adds to the enjoyment. After all, what could be more delightful than sitting outside learning, with God's beauty around you?

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Katie said...

I agree that if you really want to learn the best you can you need to enjoy studying. I'm not that interested in studying but I like to think of the good results! =)