Thursday, April 29, 2010

April 2010 Reading List

Anna's Books

Completed This Month:
  • Mentoring by Bobb Biehl - Are you curious how the mentoring process should work? This book, subtitled “how to find a mentor and how to become one” should answer some questions. It is filled with advice, inspiration, practical steps, tributes to mentors, and a call to just get out and start mentoring and/or being mentored, even if you don’t feel qualified.
  • The Joy of Natural Childbirth by Helen Wessel – A book on childbirth is a little strange for a single, no-husband-in-sight girl to be reading, I admit. However, I found it very interesting and eye-opening. It’s given me information to help prepare mentally for the pregnancy and birth I hope to experience one day. As it goes in-depth in the process and everything involved, I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone not of marriageable age. It starts with a story about a newly-wed couple and teaches through their experiences, which while idealized, was very sweet. The second half delves into topics relating to birth in a more in-depth way. The book also goes into references and to birth in the Bible and attitudes toward it throughout history, which I found particularly interesting. There were a few things I disagreed with slightly in the book, but overall it was a very informative read that made me think. Lord willing, I’ll be able to experience the joy of giving birth some day.
  • The Treasury of Christian Poetry compiled by Lorraine Eitel with five others – While looking at books of poetry at the library, this title caught my eye. It compiles poetry from Christian authors old and new, and divides them into 8 categories having to do with the Christian faith. It was neat to see how different poems succinctly brought new light to certain aspects. However, out of them all, only a few of the many poems really stuck out to me. Regardless, it was an interesting read.
  • America’s Christian History – by Gary DeMar – Was America founded on Christian principles? Much as some would like to deny it, the evidence is overwhelmingly in the affirmative. This book shows some of that evidence, examining some of America’s founding documents, statesmen, education, and court decisions. Having studied history from a Christian perspective all my life, not much of this information was new to me, but I did learn some interesting facts. The book wasn’t written as well as others I’ve read, though. A more enjoyable series on a similar topic are the ones by Peter Marshall and David Manuel, beginning with The Light and the Glory.
  • Before You Meet Prince Charming by Sarah Malley – This may be the 5th time I’ve read this book, but it encourages me every time. It's a book that is great for younger girls, encouraging them toward purity without including details that will destroy their innocence. But it’s also great for older girls, those who are ready for marriage, but still waiting. It will inspire you to continue using your single years for God’s glory, encourage you to fall deeper in love with our Lord, and strengthen your commitment to purity in all aspects of life. I highly recommend it to any young lady.
  • The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict by Josh McDowell - Want to learn about the historical evidence for the Bible? Want to know how to answer those with differing worldviews? This book will help. It's an expansive volume with a lot of well-researched information. It was difficult to read at times, with all the sources it quotes and arguments for and against things I didn’t know much about, but it gave me good surface-level knowledge. If I ever need to have answers for something, I’ll know more of where to look and how to respond. Parts One and Two, “The Case for the Bible” and “The Case for Jesus” were the most interesting and informative for me – they truly strengthened my faith. Parts 3 and 4, “The Case for and Against Christianity” and “Truth or Consequences” were interesting, but a bit harder to read. But all-in-all, this is a great volume to study if you have questions about Christianity, or just want to be prepared to give an answer if someone should ask.
  • Connecting by Larry Crabb - A small group from our church studied this book together over the past few months. It's a book about relationships, and how we should be focusing more on building and strengthening them among the body of Christ. It rightly points out what's wrong, and gives things to think about how you can improve. Ultimately, it comes down to letting Jesus work through you to touch others. Reading this may make you dissatisfied with the state of your relationships, but it will also cause you to evaluate them and pray for courage and wisdom to change.
Currently Reading:
  • Four Plays by George Bernard Shaw
  • Wrestling Prayer by Eric and Leslie Ludy
  • The Right Choice by Christopher Klicka
  • Dropping Your Guard by Charles Swindoll
  • Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville
  • America: A Narrative History by George Brown Tindall and David Emory Shi
  • Life-Span Development by John W. Santrock
  • Faith Alone by Martin Luther, edited by James C. Galvin
Miriam's Books

Completed This Month:
I did not complete any books this month that I can remember, but this month has been pretty crazy. But now I'm home for three months and will have lots of time to read.


Marlana said...

Oh, I've read a lot of childbirth. True readers study everything. LOl. Way to go is what I say!

Katie Marie said...

All of these books sound interesting! I want to read the book about childbirth and "Before You Meet Prince Charming." I plan on doing a list like this for May on my blog. Keep reading!

Chelsea said...

Wrestling Prayer is excellent and tough!