Friday, April 23, 2010

All Of Me

All Of Me

Here's myself, Lord
I give You all of me
Use me to
Fulfill Your will

Take my hands, Lord
I want to work for You
To be a
Servant in Your house

Use my voice, Lord
I will sing for You
Let the sounds rise,
Rise to Your ears

Fill my heart, Lord
Let it pour back out
To show Your
Mercy and Your love

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Victoria Anne said...

Miriam, Thank you for posting this beautiful, passionate prayer. Recently I have been looking at some books of Steve Green's earlier music. When some of you singers sing it's like Jesus HIMSELF is pouring through a window of heaven and He does INDEED speak through, stir up, inspire, encourage, and use the willing vessels you become. May we all be so willing ! Love you, (Mom) Victoria