Monday, March 15, 2010


The weather continues to flip-flop between cold and hot, but it's staying increasingly warmer. Spring has been in the air for a few weeks, and beauty is springing up all around our house.

We have bushes of baby's breath that dance in the wind with delicate touches of white.

This bush of yellow flowers is often the first color of spring to appear.

The daffodils are the earliest of my favorite flowers.

Their cheerful faces always bring me joy.

There are so many different kinds of daffodils; it's amazing to see the variety in God's creation!

These purple irises bloom outside our house.

A week ago, I gave myself a spring haircut (with mom's help). My hair needed trimming, and I was ready for a slight change of length, so I cut off around 8 inches. I'm liking the easier care it requires!

The last three days were spent on our annual spring camping trip. The weather was cool and often overcast and a little rainy, so we had a smaller group. Those that came, however, had a wonderful time despite the cold. It was especially fun to spend 3 days with my dear friend Miriam! More camping pictures will follow once I have more time to sort the many taken. :)

Miriam and John flew down with Thomas for the camping trip (and left today), and Lydia and Elijah, along with his friend Stephen, came home for camping and their spring breaks. Today has been spent cooking, cleaning up from camping, playing games, and enjoy the break.

Thomas is growing so quickly! I really enjoyed holding him again. He was a great little camper too!

Thomas won the hearts of all who held him - Grandpa included. :)

Thomas is 6 weeks old and becoming very interactive, loving attention and rides up and down by Uncle Elijah!

It was a beautiful day, so we went on a walk this afternoon. It is such a blessing to have older siblings and to have them around to talk with and enjoy. This is Elijah and Lydia's last break before they both graduate college in May.

I couldn't resist taking some daffodil pictures on our walk. This yard is the first one to greet us as we come out of our dirt road, and it is covered in hundreds of these beautiful flowers!

Ruffly and delicate, springing from the ground and announcing that spring has come.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful flowers - baby's breath is so delicate.

I love your new length hair - it must be really easy to care for.

Have a wonderful and blessed week,
Jillian ♥

Sheila said...

Beautiful pictures! The yellow bush is Forsythia. :-)

Thanks for sharing!
In Christ,

Mrs. Hart said...

Those purple beauties are irises, Anna. Are yours blooming already?!

Ella said...

Those spring pictures make me jealous!! WE're no where near having that type of foliage.

marykhris said...

Yay for a beautiful springtime!

Anonymous said...

In related matters, what type of flowers are the white and yellow daffodils? Do they even have a specific name, I don't know much about flowers.
Somewhat unrelated, I've been feeling lead to start dressing more femininely and I was wondering how you put to rest concerns about what other people would think about it? I've always been a tomboy (that's actually kind of an understatement) and I'm keep thinking about how shocking it would be to everyone.

Luke and Michele said...

Hey! Someone else out there is also a Michele with one 'l'! How cool!
The flowers are beautiful!! That is one thing I miss about the South- how early everything starts blooming. Most of our snow has melted. Just the big piles of snow are left.
Love you,
Michele Lofgren

Anna Naomi said...

Shelia: Thanks for letting me know. :) Forsythia - that's a beautiful name that fits it well!

Mrs. Hart: I knew "lilacs" didn't sound right for the purple flowers... I should have asked someone before I posted it. Thanks for catching that! Yes, ours are blooming already and so lovely!

Ella: Wish I could send some up to you. Hopefully your winter will end soon.

Marykhris: Yay! Wish we could share it together. :)

Michele: I did a google search, and I believe the name of the white and yellow daffodils is Narcissus. I'm no way a flower expert (as evidenced by my comments above), so others feel free to correct me if I'm wrong!

In terms of switching to more feminine dress, I struggled for quite a while before doing so myself. I was so worried about what others would think, thinking they would notice and ask tons of questions. To my surprise, few did. Of course, I was always somewhat of a girly-girl, but it was a drastic change. If your friends truly love you, they'll accept you despite the change. Wear what you're comfortable in and feel God is leading you to, and He'll give you confidence to live for Him, no matter what others think. You can read more of my thoughts about when I made the switch here: and

Michele: Yes, I noticed the spelling at once - pretty neat! :) I'm sure you miss the early spring, but hopefully it's on its way for you too!

Savannah said...

Lovely :) Pretty flowers, beautiful family, love the new hair style. Funny, I get about eight inches off my hair about every spring, too. (Its gets in the 100s for most of the summer, so somewhat shorter hair is a blessing!). Flowers around my parts are just starting to bloom too. I love to witness God's beauty springing forth from the earth every... spring (haha)