Monday, March 08, 2010

Signs of a Seamstress

The sewing bug has bit again. I'm currently working on dresses for my nieces Sara and Lisa Beth (late birthday presents), and spring costumes for The King's Praise Ballet. I ordered dresses and/or leotards for each class, but most of them needed alterations or additions added to them. So, I've been busy finding fabric that matches, and am now tackling all the sewing. All together, I have 26 dance skirts/slips to make and 7 necklines to add fabric to.

After staying up late on Saturday night to sew, I was also bit by the writing bug. Put the two bugs together, and out comes a poem about sewing! :)

Signs of a Seamstress
by Anna Naomi Lofgren, March 6th, 2010

*Dedicated to all other seamstress who, like myself, constantly seem to be misplacing their scissors*

When you're about to go into a seamstress's room,
You never know what you're getting into.

There's fabric hidden all around,
In plastic bags upon the ground,

Stacked in bins beneath the bed,
Cramming closet shelves overhead,

Overflowing tubs beside the door,
And on the desk - oh look, there's more!

For a seamstress can never turn down
A deal on cloth she finds in town.


Thread is hanging everywhere,
Beneath the chair, tangled in hair,

Clinging to clothes of all shapes and sizes,
Turning up randomly like little surprises,

Caught in the rugs, the blankets, the hope chest,
Until they seem like little pests.

But they're quite crucial to get the job done,
So who'm I to complain about where they've clung?


There are pins and needles - please watch your step.
For you see, their sharp points are very adept

At sticking up in the oddest of places,
hiding for days until somebody hastens -

- And ouch! They've pricked a finger or toe,
Drawing pain and a pitiful tale of woe.

But without such sharp objects, we'd surely be stuck,
For they're vital to hem, gather, sew seams, and tuck.


There are patterns galore; your pick you can take,
For all kinds of projects that you could make.

Patterns for dresses, from babe to adult,
For many styles with pretty results;

Patterns for skirts of all types and length,
More for dolls, or costumes, or men of great strength.

Sometimes the patterns you make up or combine,
But for each new project, you must have one in mind!


There's a machine - maybe more - atop a desk,
Often whirring, but for the moment at rest;

Well-used and well-loved, but confusing at times,
When its tension is off and it's crying of crimes.

You investigate and search until finally you see
What's causing the glitch, which you fix, and proceed.

For despite all their problems, these machines save you lots,
And by using them you get lovely and even results.


There never seems to be enough space
For all the gizmos and gadgets to have their own place.

Amidst measuring tapes, fray check, and oh - where's the scissors?
We shuffle and lose things 'til we're all in a dither.

Between all of the elastic, snaps, ribbons and lace,
- and the scraps, for you see, "thou shalt never waste!" -

There's really no room for anything else,
But by shoving and squeezing there's much things've held'st!


So you're welcome to enter, but my room isn't perfected.
There's many a place you could deem quite defective.

But please, do come in - and sit down if you dare.
Just wait - let me first check for pins the in chair.

You may have to pick off a few threads when you go,
But let them be memories of the seamstress you know.

For my room truly shows I'm a seamstress straight through,
Blessed with countless supplies and endless sewing to do!



hopeful said...

Sounds like my room, especially the threads everywhere! They particularly like to cling to my socks. :-)

hannahlouise said...

That really sounds like my room at times, or my desk! After a day of sewing, there are threads everywhere, and often i'm in a tiz because I've misplaced the scissors somewhere under fabric!

Joanna said...

I usually don't particularly like poems, but I loved this one! It made me smile and laugh.

Anonymous said...
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Miriam Rebekah said...

I love it!

Valerie said...

I'm so glad that you do sewing! I first found you through your sewing and have been happy about it ever since! I cant wait to see how the dresses turn out! I would like any help/tips you could give me on my own sewing. you can see them on my blog. keep up the good work.