Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Reminders of His Care

Our red 1995 Geo Prism and I have been through a lot together. I drove it when I took - and passed - my driver's license test. It soon became "my" car for when I went places, probably because it's one of our few without a manual transmission. :) I was driving it when I was in my first and only car accident, it's back bumper now bearing the scars of that night. I took it with me to college and twice experienced the sickening feeling when I turned the key and nothing happened - the first was remedied by getting the battery replaced, while the second left me stranded at college for extra days at the end of the semester, hoping it would get fixed before my dad came and rescued me.

So it's nothing unusual that I was driving it today. I stopped by the bank and then was turning into Fountain of Grace for another afternoon of teaching ballet when the wheel suddenly got very hard to turn. As it continued to lock up and lose power, I managed to guide it into my normal parking spot.

Like any blessed damsel in distress, my dad was only a cell phone call away. Why investigate when you have such a handyman around? My investigation wouldn't have done much good anyways... I've never had a knack for mechanics. My dad told me to leave the keys in a specific location, that he'd be there before my classes ended, and that he would either fix the car or take me home.

Content, I went inside and began preparing for classes, moving the barres out of the closet, turning up the heat, moving chairs into the foyer for parents to sit in... After teaching two classes, I came outside to a beautiful sunset and the sight of my dad working around the car with its hood up. With our older cars, it's a common sight.

The belt running to my alternator had shredded, so my dad was replacing it. As he finished up, I had some time to organize a few things into my drama closet and brainstorm more dance choreography. It was nearly dark by the time I started the car, got an okay from dad, and drove on, amazed at how easy it was to turn the wheel.

It's a minor thing that was easily fixed, but it could have been much worse. What are the odds that it "just happened" to lose power when I was turning into the place I had to be? If it had given out just a few minutes away, it would have been hard to get to the church on time for classes. As it was, I had plenty of time to spare.

God truly was taking care of me. It was a strange sensation when I began to have difficulty turning the wheel, but I didn't really know what was happening. What if I had tried to turn earlier, at a more critical intersection, and had not been able to complete the turn? Yet I was able to safely guide the car into the parking lot, exactly where I need to go. Somehow everything continued to work for another half mile after I heard the belt shred - though of course I didn't know that was what the strange noise was at the time!

God is so good. As I drove home, each easy turn of the wheel reminded me of His loving care. It's just another reminder that our times are in His hands - and that He sustains us for each new day, with each new breath, and through each new turn.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you were safe and i hope that that car continues to last as long as you need it. Praise God for his care, even when it seems like troubles. <3 ~mary khris

Joanna said...


I've had the same thing happen to me, only the car stopped in the middle of a busy intersection!

But, even though it was bad and the honking was terrible (evidently people didn't like me sitting in the middle of the intersection!), God had a perfect plan:

Two young men came along (while I waited for my wonderful father to come) and rescued me. While I was sitting in the car, I kept laughing and thinking about your one post awhile back with the posterboard (I think) with words something like:

"Damsel in distress"

I thought, "Well, I didn't even need that this time! God sent those two guys along without a posterboard sign."

Thanks for the post, sister!

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Anna Naomi said...

Joanna: Thanks for sharing your story! I'm glad your rescuers came along without you needing a sign! ;) As it is, the sign my dad gave me for Christmas I never ended up using, and eventually had to throw away, since the trunk leaks (a result of the accident), and it got wet. I still have the purse of rocks sitting in the trunk should I ever need it though. =)

For those who have no idea what we're talking about, this post explains the gift: http://maidensofworth.org/2008/12/merry-christmas-2008.html

Elijah Lofgren said...

Thanks for sharing this Anna. We are truly blessed. Dad has been so kind in what he does for us.