Wednesday, January 06, 2010

In All Purity

What do young men think about purity, femininity, courting/dating, modesty, and guy/girl relationships? Have you ever wondered what they think? Are there even any out there that care about their own purity, and want to help you protect yours?

Just how are we to relate to members of the male gender? Is there any way to understand them? 1 Timothy 5:2 exhorts men to treat "the younger women as sisters, in all purity" - but what does that practically look like?

Meet Ben Simon, a young man with a God-given passion and message about purity. Years ago, he began writing a letter to his future wife, with all the things he would tell her about men and how to relate to them, if he only knew her now. Unwilling to let the letter sit unread and unused until after his honeymoon, he began expanding it into a book, wanting to encourage other young women as well.

That book is nearing completion of its first draft, but Ben didn't want to wait any longer before getting some of the message out. So, he began a blog. The name of the blog?

I've known Ben for 5 years now, ever since our families met at a Frontier Day hosted by mutual friends. Soon, the Simon family began meeting with our home church group and coming to the biannual camping trips. Over the years, our families have made many memories of worshiping and fellowshipping together, playing games, being in homeschool band, picnics at the park, talking about wide and varied subjects, acting in productions (Ben played Simeon in the recent "Beyond Bethlehem"), and our seeming inability to leave after spending an evening together.

It's easy to write about a subject, but harder to live it out. However, I can recommend Ben and what he has to share without reservation, for I've seen him live it out over many years. A true gentleman, he has always treated us young ladies respectfully, having fun together as friends, but doing so in all purity.

I first heard about his book in October, when he mentioned what he'd been working on, and gave me its table of contents. I was excited about it right away, excited about the gift he is giving us young women. When you look around and wonder where the good young men seem to have gone, Ben gives hope that they're still out there. And when you wonder about how you should act around them, Ben will be providing some suggestions.

So, make sure that you head over to In All Purity, read the introduction, and keep following it for updated posts, and eventually, the release of a book. And, if you have any comments, questions, or encouragement for him, please leave him a comment! Ben values your interaction as he develops this message and shares it with the world.


Ben, In All Purity said...

Wow. I truly do not know what to say. I am very touched, especially by what you said about having treated you young ladies respectfully. That was an amazing assurance. Thank you, not only for your reading recommendation, but also for your encouragement to press on.
In All Purity, Ben

Megan H. said...

I just found Ben's site today, and it has been so uplifting to me!