Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Fall 2009

The school year found me beginning my first semester at Judson College. God blessed me with the amazing opportunity of attending this school and I never cease being thankful.

One of the highlights of this semester was the Tango Night that I participated in, by learning a form of the tango and performing it with an authentic tango band from South America.

At the end of the semester I packed up and headed home for three and a half weeks. I thoroughly enjoyed going to my siblings' choir and orchestra concert. The orchestra concert was strange, though. During the whole of the performance, it felt so weird being the audience instead of one of the orchestra.

After the choir concert, Caleb and I had some fun playing and singing at the piano while parents talked and children ran around. Three days later, their choir went to a couple of retirement homes to sing and I had the opportunity to also sing for the people there. This was probably one of the most special times of my entire break.

Another big event of this year was the gaining of another nephew, Mark James. The darling little boy arrived on September 28 and was joyfully welcomed. He is so precious and I'm so blessed with three nephews and a niece.

Anna Naomi asked me to sing two of the songs in her Christmas play, Beyond Bethlehem, and I was thrilled to be asked. Singing for dancers was a new experience, but one I enjoyed.

And the most physical change of the year...I had eighteen inches cut off my hair! I'd threatened to cut it many times, but I was finally ready and have not regretted it since.



Overall, I had a wonderful year of 2009 and look forward to even better things from 2010!

Soli Deo Gloria!


Anonymous said...

Your hair becomes you, and it looks great!

Abby said...

I love your hair!! It looks very cute.

Anna Naomi said...

Even though I knew about it all, it was fun to read an update and see pictures! It was fun to spend time with you over your break, and hope you have a wonderful spring semester!

Ella said...

I agree with Anna....even though I knew everything, I loved being reminded of your year.

And I love the new hairdo!

Anonymous said...

I had long hair likes yours many years ago when I was your age. After I cut it I remember what a strange feeling it was brushing it and washing it as I kept reaching for what was missing LOL.
Your haircut looks beautiful on you!

aemi said...

Why did you cut of all that hair? Was it too dry and damaged or something? <><

Miriam Rebekah said...


I loved my hair long, I was just ready for a change. It was actually pretty healthy to be that long.