Monday, December 07, 2009

Entering a Whirlwind Time

The last two weeks were a record here, with posts almost every day! However, expect the next two weeks to be pretty quiet... I'm entering a busy season, with "Beyond Bethlehem" being presented on December 18th and 19th, Lord willing. So much has already been done to prepare for it (including 7 hours spent at the church building today setting up and planning lights), but there is also a lot left to do.

I will be posting more on the blog for The King's Courts, with pictures of rehearsals and behind-the-scenes glimpses into all of the details necessary to put on a production. I hope to post every day about something new, but it all depends on the time and information I have available.

Things are going well, praise God! This musical has had some of the greatest challenges to overcome, but also some of the biggest blessings. I look forward to watching God bring all of the final details together! My dance students have learned their dances well (you can see pictures from one class dancing yesterday), and we'll be presenting at a nursing home this Thursday. The actors have brought their parts to life, and I have really enjoyed acting in this one, playing the one I was named for, Anna (look for a post on The King's Courts soon about what I've learned through that).

Yes, there are still many things to work out, but God is faithfully bringing things together. I am still learning to trust, but on the whole, God has taught me to rely on Him and not stress so much! He is so good.

I'm also looking forward to having the college students back home! Lydia and Elijah finish finals and drive home on Thursday, and Miriam will be headed to her house on Friday! It will be wonderful to spend time with them all.

What are you all up to in this busy season?


Anonymous said...

Would you believe that we are just waiting on the Lord?

Christmas time is such a divisive time for Christians - some do it one way, others feel convicted to do it another, but it is the ♥ attitude that the Lord looks upon.

Today we made Christmas cards - well, my children did, and they were such a blessing. We looked at reasons for Christmas while they were making them. I think that it is an attitude of servanthood that our Lord is looking for in all things.

Thank you for sharing what you are doing at this special time of year.


Lydia said...

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!
Your sis,

Damask-rose said...

I'm also trying to depend on the Lord and not get stressed, as I plan Christmas events in our community. It's not so easy! But practise makes perfect, as the saying goes and the point is to keep practising.

You're a really trooper, Anna, and your blog helps me keep on track!