Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas '09 Pictures

* Helping move in half a day * Cooking together * Feeling Miriam's baby move in the womb * Playing many games * A snowball fight * Long walks through the neighborhoods * Pausing for another picture * Staying up late * Sleeping until noon on Christmas (crazy!) * Eating lots of treats * Seeing nieces and nephews grown so tall * Driving 12 hours * Thanking God for family

We had a wonderful Christmas in Ohio. God graciously gave us safe travel and an enjoyable time. My sister Miriam did a great summary post with pictures, which you can read by going here. Instead of re-telling it all, I'll let you read it from her perspective.

Miriam and John were wonderful hosts, and it was fun to have John's family there as well to share in the celebration!

I just had to share this picture John snapped on Christmas Eve. You can't tell that we're sisters, now can you? ;)


~Miss Zara~ said...

Sweet photos!!!(You are a very beautiful girl Anna,it has been a blessing to know you.

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

Great photos! I am glad you had a nice Christmas!