Monday, December 21, 2009

Away for Christmas

Where has this month gone? I hope you are doing well and praising God in this season!

Beyond Bethlehem finished up well, praise God! We presented last Friday and Saturday to two packed audiences, and everyone did great! It was a wonderful to see God bring this musical to completion in His faithful way. After Christmas I hope to create slideshows and upload more pictures, but for now you can see some shots on the blog of The King's Courts.

Yesterday and today I've spent most of the day trying to finish Christmas presents that didn't have much time devoted to them during the busyness of the musical. I'm almost done - some will have to be completed in the car - and I still have to pack.

Tomorrow we leave to spend Christmas in Ohio with my sister Miriam, her husband John, and John's family. It will be a long trip, so please pray for traveling safety. We'll be helping them move into their new house, and seeing my brother and his family for a day as well.

So, I guess I must join the ranks of other busy bloggers and bid you goodbye until close to the New Year. I hope and pray you have a wonderful Christmas as you celebrate our Savior's birth!


Robert said...

Glad to hear that the musical went well!

It looks like you will be having a white christmas up in Ohio.

I will pray for your trip there and back.

Luke and Michele said...

Yeah! Can't wait to see you THIS Saturday!


Tina said...

Have a wonderful Christmas, Anna. We'll pray for your trip.
Thank you again for Beyond Bethlehem. It was wonderful and we found ourselves thinking of it when the sermon Sunday was about Mary & Joseph's trip to Egypt. It really has helped us to worship this advent/Christmas season.
Merry Christmas.
In His love,

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

Merry Christmas! Enjoy your travels and family time!