Saturday, November 07, 2009

True Refinement

"True refinement is not mere outward polish. It goes deeper and penetrates to the very foundation of character. It is purity, gentleness, and grace in the heart, which, like the perfume of flowers, breathes out and bathes all the life in sweetness... that which really refines is purity of mind and heart."
- From Homemaking by J.R. Miller

My continual prayer is that I will be refined day-by-day by my heavenly Father, that He will shape and build my character from the inside out.

I am far from perfect and stumble far more often than I'd like, but I am ever so grateful for the grace of our God. Only in Him can we have purity, gentleness, and grace in the heart. His work brings about true refinement!


Ella said...

I totally agree with you, Anna! I am so thankful that the Lord continues to refine me...despite my failings!

Anonymous said...

That was really beautiful and true! I also pray every day that I would be refined day by day by our heavenly father. :)