Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thankful for Words

Luke 8 was one of the assigned passages in my Bible reading plan for today. Since we're also going through Luke as a family, I looked back at the title I'd given this chapter...
The story of the sower, scattering some seeds on stones and stickers where they suffer and suffocate and some on superb soil. The Savior then shares the symbol of a shining lamp on a stand instead of in secret, and then speaks of His siblings. Sailing across the sea, He silences the storm when shaken from slumber by His disciples, scared of the squall swamping their ship. On the shore He sends spirits out of a strong man in solitude into swine, who squeal and commit suicide. Still later, the Son of Shaddai heals a sick sister and saves the slumbering daughter of a synagogue ruler.
Yes, I do have an attraction for alliteration, and this chapter was an excellent one for it. =) What started years ago as two word couplets that started with the same letter has turned into paragraphs. My family now tries to guess each morning which letter I used that day. It's fun to come up with them each morning, and helps me wake up as my brain begins to whirl.

I'm so thankful for words, the ability to write and speak. I am thankful for English with its many synonyms - without which alliteration wouldn't be possible! God truly gave us a gift when He gave us language.

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Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

This is neat. Alliteration is fascinating, and you obviously have a knack for it. Well done! I enjoyed reading this.