Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful for Friends and Fall Colors

God has blessed me with many friends, too numerous to name here. I have friends a lot younger, and some the age of my parents. I have friends my same age - even to exact day! =) I have friends that live near, friends that live miles away, some that transition. I have friends I talk to often, and some that I rarely hear from. I have friends I know really well, and some I've never met in person, but have gotten close to through letters, emails, and phone calls nonetheless. I am thankful for the friends I've made through this blog as well!

Mary Khris is one friend I'm especially thankful for today, since she's currently at my house! She was my roommate at Belhaven College last spring, and we've gotten really close. She still attends Belhaven, and was able to come to our house for the Thanksgiving break! I met up with her in Birmingham on Tuesday evening, since she was able to catch a ride that far, and look forward to her staying until Sunday.

This morning, in a break from cooking (the turky was in the oven, rolls were rising, casseroles prepared, but too early to start the other delicious food), we took a walk to capture some of God's beautiful artistry in the autumn leaves. Ever since they changed I have been wanting to take some photos, and today afforded the perfect opportunity. After all, it's always more fun to take pictures with someone else!

It is so beautiful to see the leaves falling outside the window, and they make a most beautiful carpet.

Our blueberry bushes have the most radient red leaves!

Totally without planning it, we both ended up wearing blue and brown today.

The leaves on our pear tree are gorgeously orange/yellow/green.

Sweet Mary Khris

Natural light is always fun for photos, though you have to work with the shadows!

This picture was lovely, showing the blue of the sky behind the red and green leaves. Fall in the south is always mixed with green. =)

In the colors, I felt like I could belong...

This tree is so breathtaking - it uplifts me each time I see it on my morning walk.

We went up a little further, off of the main road.

Our faithful dog Midnight nearly always accompanies me on walks. He kept coming over to us every time we stopped to take a picture, so finally we gave in and took a few pictures with him! :)

'Tis a nice spot to sit and reflect.

A view from "my" spot on the hill, overlooking the valley. The sky was such a clear blue...

And yes, we even had two roses bloom in November. The warm weather has confused the flowers, and even some of our azaleas have bloomed!

God knows how to blend colors so well... His creation never ceases to amaze me.


Lexie said...

It looks like you to had fun! Were you guys cold in your skirts with the weather getting colder and colder each day I couldn't imagine wearing another skirt until spring time.

Ella said...

You know, seeing leaves still on the trees is a bit of shock to me! I won't have them for months.

Anna Naomi said...

Lexie: It's not as cold here. The high was 60 today, and this morning was quite pleasant. My turtleneck kept me warm, and under my skirt I have a long flannel slip that helps. Mary Khris wore leggings, which also keeps you warm!

Ella: I know - we are blessed to have leaves. Many trees are getting to be bare now, but there are ones that keep their foliage all year.

Anonymous said...

What a beautifully written praise post!

God certainly does make such a wonderful splash of colour, doesn't He?

Incidentally, my daughter's cat's name is Moonlight.

Have a great weekend,

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

I love autumn leaf pictures! What fun!