Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thankful for Family

God has blessed me so abundantly with a wonderful family. We're not perfect, but we are whole. We don't always agree, but we love each other, and always enjoy getting together! I am so thankful that I am a part of this Lofgren family. We've expanded in recent years - 22 members now if you count my parents' children-in-law and grandchildren - and I look forward to seeing how big our family reunions will be when we're all grown and married.

This Thanksgiving there's only four of us siblings at home - us four youngest. However, the others are are in our thoughts and prayers!

I am thankful for my parents and the Godly example they have set for us all. They have stayed committed to each other, even in hard times. They have raised us to know, love, and serve God. It is a testament to God's faithfulness to know that all of their children are walking with the Lord.

I am thankful for my oldest brother Luke, his lovely wife Michele, and their five children, Danielle, Alex, Zach, Nate, and Bethany. Luke and Michele have always been happy to give me advice, and it's a blessing to have older siblings to talk to about things they've already experienced. My sweet nieces and nephews are a joy to be with, and I cherish each time we have together.

I am thankful for my oldest sister, Maria, her great husband Ron, and their three children, James, Sara, and Lisa Beth. It's been a joy to have them live the closest to us, and we enjoy each time they can make the three-hour trip down to visit. Again, I have been blessed by the advice Maria and Ron give, and always enjoy being with my bright nephew and cute nieces.

I am thankful for my sister Miriam and her wonderful husband John. They've been married for a little over a year now, and it's so fun to see them as they've grown together. John has quickly become a great brother. I am thankful for the new little one their expecting in February, and am excited to meet my new niece or nephew!

I am thankful for my sister Lydia, now about to graduate from college with a degree in outdoor leadership and education. It fits her well, for she's always ready for adventure and is wonderful to be with whenever you're in God's great outdoors! She's also very musical and thoughtful. She's always ready to help, and is a great blessing.

I am thankful for my brother Elijah, also about to graduate from college, but with a degree in computer science and engineering. I have been so blessed to have a big brother like him, always ready to talk and encourage me to go deeper in my walk with the Lord. He's also helped me open up and learn to talk on the phone more. :) I am thankful for the friend I have in my brother, and, although I'll miss him greatly when he moves to Iowa after graduation, I know he will do well.

I am thankful for my sister Jubilee, the youngest of us siblings. I can't imagine life without her, and I've been blessed to get closer to her these last few years as we've been the only children at home. She amazes me with her talent with animals and in the arts, and her many opinions on wide and varying subjects. She is growing so quickly, and blossoming into a wonderful young lady.

Thank You, Lord, for blessing me with this family to learn and grow with!


Ella said...

I loved seeing snapshots of your family. Through you, I feel like I know them!

And while my family is much smaller, I am no less thankful. As I watch several people have their families ripped apart, and I am so thankful that mine is whole.

Mrs. Hart said...

I love your family, too! God bless you all, today and for always!