Friday, November 13, 2009

At Home in November

These have been beautiful days at our home in the valley. The coolness of the morning usually warms up to the 70s, and while we've had our cold spells, the last few weeks have been almost perfect.

This afternoon I escaped to "my" spot on the hill overlooking our valley. My journal and a book made for wonderful companions as the sun warmed my back and nature buzzed around me. My writing and reading were often neglected, however, as I enjoyed just sitting and being. The vibrant fall colors provided a beautiful atmosphere to think, pray, and dream...

It's wonderful to be home. Being away last year has made me more fully appreciate the blessing home is. Do I miss college? At times I miss the friends and some of the classes and activities, but I'm so glad to be home.

So what am I doing at home? Am I just wasting my time? Am I accomplishing anything worthwhile?

Though I'm not always as diligent as I should be, God has given me many opportunities to learn, grow, and impact others. I certainly don't have everything figured out, and I'm not saying that all girls should stay home - but I do know that for now, this is where I'm to be.

What about all my plans for coming home? There was so much I wanted to do. Some has been done or has begun, while other things have been postponed - perhaps indefinitely. But God is teaching me a lot through this time.

The King's Courts has taken the most time, but it has been rewarding, albeit challenging work. And, if it has taken the most time, it's how things should be. This is what I'll probably be doing until marriage, if the Lord wills, so a lot of time and resources are devoted to it! It's amazing how much time it takes to plan, organize, research, write, design, and spread the word, and I've not even come close to doing all that I hope to!

I was able to attend Ballet Magnificat's Teacher's Workshop and direct "The Amazing Jerusalem Makeover" this summer, both things that helped prepare me for this busy fall. The teacher's workshop gave me tools, ideas, and renewed focus in my ballet classes, and "The Amazing Jerusalem Makeover" was a great start to more theatre endeavors!

This fall I have been teaching 6 dance classes and a PraisExercise class for ladies. Besides spending Tuesday and Thursday afternoons/evenings in class teaching, a lot of other time goes into being a teacher - preparing lessons, choreographing, working out logistics, driving to and from classes, arriving early to unlock the building and set up, etc. As I've started teaching agian, I have run into many challenges, but God has given such grace and strength to keep persevering. My 35 students have given me such joy each week as I'm blessed to teach them not only to dance, but also to worship the Lord with their whole being!

Theatre has also been a big part of this fall, as I wrote the script for "Beyond Bethlehem," consulted others, found songs, and worked through many details. This again, has presented many obstacles, but each time God has worked things out. It's an adventure to trust Him each day. Auditions were held 3 weeks ago, and rehearsals have taken up Monday afternoons, while we look toward a more intensive schedule in December.

My plans for continuing my education are different from what I originally planned, but I'm definitely still learning. This summer, God made it clear that I wasn't to pursue CollegePlus - at least not this year. It's been hard to trust and give up wanting to look good in the eyes of others by advancing my degree, but God has been faithful and is teaching me so much. It may still be in the future - only God knows - but for now, I have continued to study independently.

I've set up a schedule for myself much like the one when I was homeschooling, with assignments to do each day. My focus areas this fall are ballet, theatre, literature, history, theology, business/finance, Bible, family matters, and writing. I am finding many good and useful books, most of which end up on our monthly reading lists, so I won't reiterate them.

I usually only have 2-4 hours to study on my own each day, but I try to make the most of it. I read a chapter or two or an assigned number of pages in each book, writing down notes on things I find useful or want to remember. To be honest, I don't get it done every day, but I try to stay up-to-date and catch up on Saturdays if I can.

My parents have been leading The Truth Project this fall, with a small group at our home on Thursday evenings. The video series and discussions have been phenomenal, with the teaching and material both excellent!

The lessons I had hoped to take haven't happened - at least yet. I'm hoping to take piano lessons again, and I would like to find a dance teacher/mentor, but haven't yet found one in the area. I try to practice on my own, but it's harder without the motivation and critique of a teacher. I'm not planning to direct any musicals in the spring - just a dance recital in May - so I hope to find some teachers then, if God wills.

I'm also enjoying the benefits of home life, cooking nourishing and delicious meals, cleaning, sewing some, relaxing with family, inviting and preparing for company, and late-night sinks of warm, soapy water.

These past few months have gone by so quickly, but the days have been full and rewarding. No, things aren't perfect, but there is such peace in knowing this is where I'm supposed to be, at least for now.


Ella said...

Even though I knew all this, I loved seeing a glimpse into your life!

What more can I say that I haven't said before?

Miriam Rebekah said...

"No, things aren't perfect, but there is such peace in knowing this is where I'm supposed to be, at least for now."

And that is one of the most important things...the peace is wonderful, isn't it?

I enjoyed reading about what's going on in your life!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading about how God is using other godly women.

It is great to be just where God wants you to be - there is a real peace within, isn't there?

Maria Pauline said...

Never give up. The Lord knows best, always! Treasure the moments you have, if you would rather be elsewhere.