Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tuesday at Judson College

First, let me apologize for my inexcusable lack of posting since I came here. It's true I've been busy, but it's also easy to let this second-place to fun. I'm going to work on posting at least once a week, mostly to share pictures and notes of how my life here is going. I forgot about taking pictures until the day was almost over, but I did get some pictures of some buildings on campus. So, without further ado...

Jewett Hall

Welcome to my school, Judson College, in the small town of Marion, Alabama. It's Tuesday morning and I've just woken up at 6:45 am. I spend some time waking up (it's so hard these days!). Around 8 o'clock, I walk to the dining hall for breakfast, after which I work on homework until my make-up voice lesson at 10:30 am.

Since there will be a voice/piano recital for freshman students in the middle of November, my teacher wants me to start to get a feel for singing in the auditorium. I could sing in there all the time; it's amazing!

Now it's 11 o'clock and time for chapel. Today is hymn-sing chapel...the students get to pick out hymns to sing throughout the whole hour. Definitely my favorite chapel we've had this semester, so far.

The hockey field and gym

After lunch, I head over to the Round Room for my Old Testament Religion class. This is probably my favorite class I have this semester. Our teacher has been guiding us through the Old Testament with an insightful, but often humorous perspective. I know there were some good friends of mine who were concerned that the religion teacher (Mr. Bullard) would be slightly misguiding in his views, but I have to say that so far he has been an excellent teacher and a good person to come to if I have a question about something. So, we begin to read about Isaiah today. One of the neat things about this class is that Mr. Bullard asks the students to read the scripture out loud and I must say that Isaiah is one of the best books to read aloud.

After OT, I now head over to Tucker Hall for Music Theory with Dr. Ransom. I quickly finish and turn in the packet of homework that I've been working on the last two weeks, while praying that I got it all right. =) Actually, theory isn't that difficult, it's just time consuming.

With Theory over, I head to my dorm room for about half an hour and then come back to Tucker Hall to practice piano before my lesson at 5 pm. When my lesson is over, I go to the dining hall and enjoy supper with some friends. Then it's off to our evening choir practice (thank goodness, it will be changed next semester!). I'm so excited, we've started practicing Christmas music!

Choir practice ends at 7:45 pm, and I head back to the dorm. I change into some comfy clothes to relax in and start to work on some homework. For the next few hours I alternate between homework and talking to friends.

I was told that my night life would change once I got to college, and those people were correct. I go from a person who goes to bed at a normal hour to one who stays up late. I'm finally ready for bed a little earlier than usual, so I quickly do all that before-bedtime-stuff and jump in bed. I'm asleep before I have time to think...

The Judson College Seal in Jewett Hall

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Anna Naomi said...

Thanks for sharing about your day! It's fun to read. You certainly had a day full of music. =)

When is your music recital? If it works with my schedule, perhaps I can come up for it...

What time did you end up going to bed? ;)

Katie said...

That sounds really neat! Do you enjoy it there? I really enjoyed reading your post :)!
In HIS great & awesome love,

Miriam Rebekah said...

Anna, my recital is Nov. 17th and it will be combined with all the first-year students. I think I ended up in bed around 11pm. =)

Yes, I love it here!

Lydia said...

Sounds like you're having a good time at Judson! Glad you're the college experience is going well! Learning can be such a joy when you're in a good environment.
It was good to see you at the camping trip!
Have a good weekend!
Lydia :-)

Sister in prayer said...

Glad to hear from you Miriam!