Monday, October 26, 2009

A Peek into Your Day Carnival

YLCF Blog Carnival

Miriam and I will be participating in the "A Peek into Your Day" carnival hosted by Young Ladies Christian Fellowship. I'll be blogging about today, and Miriam will share about her day tomorrow. We'll link up with the others on Wednesday!

It has been fun to read the posts about a day in the life of other young ladies, and I look forward to reading more! My life may not be hugely interesting, but it does give an easy topic to blog about! Consider participating yourself, if you're interested. Posts like these give us the opportunity to see the diversity in the day-to-day life of ladies all around the world.

I'll be posting about my day tomorrow morning, so check back for it then. And, if you decide to participate, let us know! It would be fun to "meet" more readers of Maidens of Worth!

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