Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monday at Wisteria Pines

5:45 AM. Alarm clock sounds; I sleepily aim for the off switch and flip on the lamp. How can it already be time to get up? I spend five minutes trying to make my eyes stay open, then convince myself to get out of bed and brave the cold. It's a new day of a new week, and I'm trying to get back into routine.

It's fifteen minutes earlier than I'm used to getting up, but I managed this time for a week when I helped out with a family, so I figured I could make it a habit. It gives me more time to wake up and have quiet time in the morning.

A hot shower wakes me up and I settle back down for devotions, covered in my purple, blue, and green crocheted blanket. It's chillier than usual, for fall is definitely here - or almost, anyway. I'm told it's supposed to be warmer again tomorrow.

The Bible selections this morning are challenging. I'm reminded to "choose the way of truth" (Psalm 119:30) and continue to "don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example..." (1 Timothy 4:12). I also prepare for our family devotions. We're starting the book of Luke, with 5 questions to answer. I try to be creative for the "what is this chapter about," answering with a quite a few words that start with "B." Alliteration is a favorite of mine. :)

Around 7:15 AM I bundle up and prepare to face the cold. A morning walk along our road helps me wake up and gives me time to review verses. Currently I'm memorizing Romans 5-8.

I decide to wear shoes this morning, for it has gotten colder. I'll miss walking the road barefoot. Once I get outside however, it feels warmer than I thought it would be and my tennis shoes are cutting into the back of my heel. I slip them off and leave them by the side of the road. My feet rejoice in the freedom on one last barefoot walk! By the end of the 20 minute-walk, however, my feet are numb and I realize this should really be the last walk in bare feet this year.

Approaching our house in the valley, I smell smoke and see it spiraling its way out of the chimney. The first fire of the season; yes, fall has truly arrived. When I get back inside, my dad says the temperature outdoors is 48*. Hmm. No wonder my feet were cold!

As Dad finishes up the oatmeal (he's so kind to make it every morning!), I plan the menu for the week and do a few odds and ends. Soon, I sit down to a steaming, nourishing bowl and a chapter of Fifth Seal by Brock and Bodie Thoene. You've got to sneak those reading times in every chance you get! =)

After a quick straighten of my room, it's already 8:30 AM. Dad and Jubilee have gone to her horseback-riding lesson, so I settle down with a pile of books. I learn about 1700s church history, the case for intelligent design and review Memlock verses before the cold chases me out of my room and towards the wood stove. It's a bit warmer there as I study about the character a leader should have, muscle types, effective drama ministry, and classical ballet class planning.

Before I knew it, nearly three hours had passed. Time goes quickly when you're learning! I spend around 20 minutes online, reading email and researching some lighting options for the upcoming musical.

Soon, it was time to go. I gathered up the scripts and audition forms and stopped in the kitchen to warm-up leftover homemade pizza for lunch. I ate – er, gulped down a slice and then headed out the door with an apple, half a carrot, and some trail mix to eat in the car.

After stopping by the bank, I arrived at the church building and got ready for the auditions for “Beyond Bethlehem.” Tables and chairs were still set up for Sunday school, so we had a nice place to gather. 9 families showed up, and I had 19 children and teens audition. They all did well, and it was fun to see old friends and meet new ones.

The auditions were over by 2:30 PM, so I said goodbyes and locked up the building. I stopped by a new store to check out their dancewear section, and then drove the 20 minutes back home, sorting out in my head possibilities for the character roles. The female roles were the hardest to determine, for I had so many great girls to chose from!

It was hard to concentrate on other things when I had the question of who to pick for each character going through my head. I sorted forms and made lists, then went to work in the kitchen, praying all the while that God would give me wisdom in the selection. As I made Creamy Pumpkin Cookies for dad to bring to "The Truth Project" he leads at a friends' house on Mondays, I narrowed the list down. It took longer than usual to cook, for I kept taking breaks to scribble things and resort.

By the time Mom and Jubilee got home from her violin lesson, I had pretty much set the cast. They found me in the midst of making stir-fry, rice, and cornbread for supper, and I talked over choices with them while they put groceries away and Jubilee stirred a few things for me. We continued to talk about it through supper and even after, and I made a few slight adjustments. It helps to talk out your thoughts with others!

The evening passed quickly - too quickly. I typed up the cast list, edited a few dance songs, did some exercises and stretches and went over choreography, coming up with movements for another song.

I also began the process of contacting other men to play the parts of Simeon and the Wise Men, since I was lacking the males needed to fill the roles. There will be special rehearsals for them if they can do it, and if not, I'll need to contact others. Oh, for more guys that are willing and able to act!

After finishing choreography I glanced at my watch - 9 PM. Well, I guess it's time to head to bed - wait! My watch had stopped! It has a nasty habit of doing that recently... It's actually 9:30 PM! I begin typing this post and send out my accountability emails to my "Sisters of the Heart." We're on week 91 now!

By the time I crawl under the covers, it's pretty late. I read three short chapters in Fifth Seal to settle down, then switch off the lamp as my clock glows 10:32 PM.

It's a little hard to get to sleep, with all that is rolling over in my head about actors and the musical. But, God has been so faithful to bring things this far, and I know that He shall continue.

It's been a full day for us here at "Wisteria Pines," but I am glad to be at home in this valley. And this is only the beginning of the week to come...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing, Anna. it was fun to imagine a day in your life. i got your letter and it made my day! ~mary khris

Kelsey Anne Hoppman said...

Thank-you for sharing a bit of your day! I can certainly can relate for, just this morning, my three brothers and I were planning to get up at five instead of six, so we could get some school done early. Upon getting out of bed, (freezing cold!) I went upstairs, woke up my brothers and one of them said they were so tired. I agreed with him, let the two others know, (no one objected) and I happily went back to bed. Maybe we'll try again tommorow morning... :) It's so much easier to get up early in the summer. Seeing the bright outdoors and the birds chirping. It's always dark if I get up early now. I love fall though!
God Bless,


Katie said...

What a cool post :)! I love it! I'm very excited about the musical! Thank you so much for doing it :)! I pray that it will bless those who see it!
In HIS great & awesome love,

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post. I enjoyed reading about your day!

Ella said...

You have a gift for writing, my dear sister...there is no doubt about that.

I loved hearing about your day! The weather, though, is so much like mine--I would rather have heard about it being in the 70's =)

Bonnie said...

Thanks for sharing that Anna, it was very interesting to follow your day! :)