Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Days Go By...

Each day blends into the other, with many things to fill the time! It doesn't feel like it should already be October, but the slightly cooler weather tells me that fall is indeed here.

I haven't posted much recently, but I have been keeping busy! Each day I try to spend at least some time studying, as I'm currently in around 8 books on subjects ranging from dance to literature. It's been fun to study independently, but also means I have to have more self-discipline! Learning is fun, however, and I enjoy the time I can devote to it.

It's wonderful to be home among family. A few hours a week spent playing games helps relieve stress, and though I don't have time to cook as much as I like to, at least a few days a week are spent in the kitchen. My parents are leading Focus on the Family's "The Truth Project" this fall, and it's been fun to have people come to our home for that each Thursday. We also often invite people over on the weekends. After all, if the house is clean for Thursdays, why not have people over on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday - or all three?

Teaching and leading The King's Praise Ballet keeps me occupied. It is challenging and stressful at times, but a joy overall! I've been blessed with 36 students this fall, and teaching and planning 6 classes (2 on Tuesday and 4 on Thursday afternoons) keeps me on the go! I also lead a ladies class on Tuesday evenings call PraisExercise, combining cardio, dance movement, strength building exercises, and stretching for a fun but exhausting hour. Doing it all to Christian music keeps us worshiping even when our bodies cry in pain!

It's amazing how much time it takes to plan things and keep things organized behind the scenes. There is more that goes into teaching than the 7 1/2 hours I spend in class each week! But, God has given wisdom and the grace to get through it day by day.

My dad has been a huge blessing and help with the start up of classes. He got quotes and oversaw the installation of mirrors on one wall in the new fellowship hall at Fountain of Grace. They were pricey, but have been a huge benefit in teaching and allowing the students to correct their own movements. Dad also built portable barres for me to use, and Fountain of Grace has been so gracious in letting me use the beautiful, large room and store things in a closet between classes. You can see pictures of the barres and mirrors here.

I've also been busy preparing for another musical! "Beyond Bethlehem" will be presented this December, Lord willing. I have run into many setbacks and roadblocks with this one, and it's easy to get discouraged. However, it is amazing to watch God work each things out, and I am trusting Him to continue to do so!

My dance students will be presenting the songs in the musical, and auditions for acting parts will be at the end of this month. I wrote the script, and am currently in the process of revising it. On Wednesday I was able to get extremely helpful feedback and help with the editing process from a dad of my students and friend who has been involved and helped with all of the musicals I've directed. He's helping me take what I wrote, with all of the formal-sounding sentences (the way I write, for some reason!), and transform it into living characters we can relate to and find humor in, while still remaining true to the Biblical story.

This next week I'll be staying at the house of a family of church, helping to care for the six children while the parents go on a retreat. It will be a challenge, I'm sure, but the children are between the ages of 5 and 15, and very sweet. I look forward to spending time with them!

Then, this next weekend will be our semi-annual camping trip. Lydia, Elijah, and Miriam and John are all coming, and I can't wait to spend 3 days in God's beautiful creation with great friends and family!

So, that's a glimpse into my days. What are you currently up to?


Miriam Rebekah said...

I'm so excited about camping! One week!

The Sisters said...

I think it's so neat that you have your own ballet classes. I'm a dancer too and would love to have my own dance ministry. I had ballet tonight and I can tell you that my body was crying in pain during stretching too!:) I injured myself during the summer and so my hamstrings are really tight. It took a long time for my leg to heal so I couldn't stretch for a while. I feel discouraged that I'm so inflexible though I stretch fairly regularly. Do you have any stretches that you do that would help hamstrings? I really enjoy your posts on dance especially the ones about going to the Ballet Magnificat! summer intensive. your blog is one of my favorites!
God Bless,

Sarah H said...

Sounds like your life is very busy but good. May the Lord bless the play that you are writing. I hope everything turnes out okay.

Anna Naomi said...

Miriam: Can't wait to see you!

Abigail: It's neat that you're a dancer as well! I'm sorry you're injured - that's really hard to work through! For hamstrings, the only two I can think of are sitting down with your feet straight in front of you and stretching over as far as you can, or standing and stretching down to touch your toes. A quick Google search for "hamstrings stretch" gives more ideas.

Sarah: Thank you for your prayers! There are a lot of things to work through, but it is coming along!

Maria Pauline said...


it is so good to hear that you are doing well. I hope your studies and classes continue to flourish. God bless. :)


Darelina said...

Hi there! Its been a while since I've visited. Um... can I gather by your details of what's going on at home, that you're not in college anymore? Or was I just reading that wrong.

I think its wonderful that you're teaching ballet again. And getting ready for camping! I wish I was getting ready to do that! :P

Have a great time!