Wednesday, September 09, 2009

To Sit In His Presence

"What a blessing to simply sit in His presence and be still, to push out the noise of the world and listen to the Holy Spirit instead. I've always loved turning out the lights and sitting on the . . . ''

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justagirl4god said...

That is a beautiful and so true post... Thank you for sharing the link with us!
PS. :) I'm going to share some love... There is a series on purity on my blog at the moment, and I would be so blessed if you would give some feedback... I really admire you girls and would value your input... I do understand that you are both busy with your own lifes, and probably don't have time to do this...
Link to the posts The second post is at the top, so scroll down for the first one... :) Thanks so much girls! God bless you!