Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Rebelution Conference!

Anna and I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Rebelution conference in Birmingham this past weekend. Anna did an amazing job of planning and putting together a group of 25+ and they carpooled to the conference. I came home for the weekend and went with my family. We arrived at the same time (even seeing each other pass in vans on the drive there!) and were saved the trouble of trying to find each other in the crowds. I have followed The Rebelution blog for the past two years and I've read their book, but I was looking forward to hearing their message in person.

I'm not sure what part of the conference I enjoyed the most, the worshipping or the message. The combination of both made for an experienced I won't soon forget. I loved the praise and worship at the beginning of each session.

Brett Harris, Caleb Hart, Alex Harris, and Jeremy Ross

Miriam, Alex Harris, Anna, and Brett Harris

Maidens of Worth and Rebelutionaries

Our matching outfits (No, it wasn't planned!)

Our group stopped to eat supper together after the conference.

Do Hard Things!


Anna Naomi said...

It was great to be able to be there with you, Miriam, and inspiring to see how many came (approx. 2400)! It was neat to see even pre-teens there, who can hear the messages and be inspired and challenged to do great things with the years ahead. Who knows how many great things God will use them to do!

It was certainly a memorable day. Even though I have read the blog almost from the beginning and read the book, hearing the message in person always reinforces it. I have been refreshed and re-inspired to not fall into complacency, but to continue to do hard things!

The neat thing is, as you go along, some things are so hard any more. The challenge is to then go on to the next hard thing!

Katie said...

I enjoyed the Do Hard Things conference also. I hate I didn't see y'all there. I had a lot of fun but more importantly it spoke to me spiritually. I also enjoyed the music. The conference was amazing. I'm very glad we went. I hope we can see y'all again sometime! Hope you and your family will have a God blessed week :)!
In His great & awesome love,

Ella said...

Thanks for posting pictures of y'alls time. I am so glad that so many of you were able to attend!

Anna Naomi said...

Katie: Sorry we couldn't meet up at the conference! There were a lot of people there! I did see you, though, briefly on the screen from one of the audience camera shots. =)

LeAnn said...

The rebelution confrence was terriffic. It encouraged me greatly. I saw several people who car pooled together there but never managed to see you personally. (Though I saw you as you were walking in.) The worship and the teaching were both awesome. I really liked the invitation. Over all the rebelution encouraged me to persevere and to push myself further.

The Patriot said...

I'm so glad you two could finally go! Looks like you had fun. :) (Trying not to be jealous...)

Sydney said...

How awesome! I just went to see them when they here in Orange County! It was amazing! :D Love the pictures...especially the last two of such lovely ladies. :)

Elijah Lofgren said...

Ya'll rock. Keep on being counter-cultural. The world needs to see some light in the midst of darkness.