Friday, August 28, 2009

Memories of a Musical

Has it really been almost three weeks since the presentations of "The Amazing Jerusalem Makeover?" How time flies...

Things haven't really slowed down, although it's been nice to get a little more time at home. My dance classes start in 2 weeks, so I've been putting things away from the musical, doing fall cleaning, and planning and getting people registered for dance classes. Lydia and Elijah were both home briefly before heading off to college, and this week I began my own independent studies for continuing education. I came down with a fever/cold on Wednesday, and am trying to get over that. At least it's given me some time to read and rest!

I've finally uploaded pictures and slideshows from the musical. The Picasa Album has pictures in chronological order telling the basic story of the musical. This slideshow introduces the cast of characters, and played at the beginning of each presentaion. The other slideshow played at the end each presentation, and shares pictures from the reherasals and dress rehearsals. You can click the links to go to each album/slideshow, or go to The King's Courts' blog to read more about them.

Be sure to watch the slideshows, because the music in the background is played by Miriam Rebekah! She sweetly allowed me to use music from the CD recorded at her senior recital. One of the pieces was composed by her brother Caleb, and it is absolutely beautiful!

This musical was probably the most work of any that I've done, but it was definitely worth it. I learned a lot about delegation and was blessed by the many people that stepped up to help with joy. I could never have done it alone.

Each night the audience really seemed to enjoy it. In the past few weeks I have continued to be encouraged as I hear from different people blessed by it. God is so good! He has used this musical in ways beyond I could have imagined.

The 12 families involved were such a blessing to work with. God really brought everyone together to work in unity. From 7 different churches and 6 different cities, it was a blessing to see how God used everyone.

To top it all off, one of the families used their cake-decorating skills to make a cake decorated like the Jerusalem walls with scenes from the musical depticted with legos.

It was fun to work with this group on this fun and exciting musical. The memories are many and good. I look forward to future productions as God leads!

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Elijah Lofgren said...

Anna, your musical was fabulous. Thank you for the huge amount of effort and energy you put into it. It was a smashing success. I'm so happy to be your brother! :)

Wow, that's a cool cake!