Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Going to The Rebelution Conference?

This Saturday, August 29th, The Rebelution's Do Hard Things Tour is coming to the Birmingham, AL area. I have been excited about this conference ever since the tour schedule was announced, and have grown more excited as the day approaches.

The Rebelution has helped shape my life in amazing ways as God has done more in my life than I could have imagined at such a "young" age. Meeting Alex and Brett and finding the newly-begun Rebelution blog when I was 15 years old was a huge encouragement and challenge to not wait until I was older to grow in God and be open to things He would use me to do. (You can read more about what I have written about the Rebelution and its message by clicking here.) Would I have ever had the courage to teach dance and continue directing musicals these past few years had it not been for the freeing message of The Rebelution? I don't know. I do thank God for His grace in how He brought me into contact with the site when He did.

When I began this post, I was going to urge all of you in the area to buy tickets for the conference this Saturday. However, a last glance at the page for the Birmingham conference alerted me that "Birmingham 2009 is sold out!"

It makes me all the more thankful that God allowed me to organize a group to go when He did.

I didn't want to organize a group. Not even a week had passed since the musical had gotten over, and I was feeling burned out, especially in the area of coordinating things. I happily purchased my ticket and looked forward to the refreshing and encouraging time that attending the conference would be. Another mom in our church got the conference into the Sunday morning announcements, and I was happy that word was getting out about this great opportunity.

However, I realized that sometimes people need someone at the head to inspire and get things organized. And as I looked around (and God nudged me in this direction), I realized that if I didn't do it, there weren't many others with the background or time to do so. Tremulously, I asked if I could make an announcement in church, and set about organizing a carpool to the conference. After all, with a driving time of over 2 hours to get to the conference, it would be good to save gas by riding together and enjoy great fellowship during the drive.

As I emailed everyone I knew that had teens, sharing a brief snapshot of how God has used The Rebelution in my life and encouraging them to attend the conference, I was encouraged by the response of people wanting to go. It helped that Alex and Brett happened to be on Focus on the Family that week, so I encouraged everyone to listen in.

One family asked if we could do a group registration, and since I had already registered, I really wanted them to do the coordinating of collecting money and registering everyone. However, as the central person that everyone knew, it soon became evident that I was the one to do this as well. I sent out emails and made many calls, and then registered a group of 25 people on Friday before the pre-registration price ended. It was good timing too, because if I had waited any longer, tickets would have been sold out!

All of this work has been worth it as I see how many families are going to be able to go. I have prayed about ways to encourage and reach teens that I know, and this is a great starting point to do so. I am praying that everyone's heart will be open to the message this Saturday.

The hours spent coordinating is worth it as I look at the great number that will be in attendance from our area. 25 of us are carpooling (we'll have to meet at 6 AM on Saturday morning - but it will be fun riding together!), but I know of a total of 41 people from our area that will be in attendance, including my dear friend and co-blogger Miriam!

Have you been to a Rebelution conference? Are you going to be at the Birmingham one? Leave a comment and share how the Rebelution has impacted your life. If you will be at this upcoming conference, let me know so that we can look for each other. I'm sure it will be a large crowd, but we may be able to meet up anyway!

If you've never heard of The Rebelution before this, I encourage you to check it out. Even if you're beyond the teenage years, their message is bound to be encouraging and challenging.

To God be the glory for the way He has used this message of "rebelling against low expectations" and inspired young people to "do hard things!"


Katie said...

I'm excited to go to the conference! I loved the book. I hope to see you there :).

Nella Camille said...

I know you're going to have a great time at the conference, Anna! I've been able to attend two (Indianapolis and Gaithersburg, which I think were 06 (??) and 08). I'm glad you are working so hard to spread the message of the Rebelution! It's good to hear the testimony of how God has used "Do Hard Things" in your life!!

The White's said...

Hi Anna! I'll be at the Birmingham Rebelution Conference! I've been reading Maidens of Worth for the last two or three years and have really enjoyed ya'll's godly advice. I would really like to meet up with you at the conference if possible. I teach a ballet class at our homeschooling co-op and would like to ask you a few questions about your classes. :)
My family has also been to the Indianapolis conference which was really good!


Trey Edwards said...

I was there! It was AWESOME! Apparently they DID take walk-ins, they had waaaay more people than that church was supposed to be able to fit. I wrote about it on my blog here : http://youthofeternity.wordpress.com/2009/08/30/the-rebelution-conference-2009-birmingham/