Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wanting to Write

Do you ever have things burning inside of you that you can't wait to write down? Do words, phrases, paragraphs, or ideas suddenly jump into your mind, begging to be a part of something larger? Strands of poetry, the perfect title for a post, or a special Scripture verse to expound upon - there never seems to be an end of ideas!

But, there does seem to be a limit to the time available to write. It takes time to sit down and take a pencil to paper or type on a keyboard. It takes time to write things out, think it through, proofread it, change grammar and spelling errors, rework sentences so they sound just right, and change words here and there to find the perfect fit. It is time well spent and time well enjoyed, but sometimes I lack motivation to sit down and actually begin. The words keep on composing in my head, but sometimes it's hard for me to actually sit down and start writing them out.

Though the ideas haven't dried up, I have been in a writing slump lately because I haven't taken the time to write them out. Other things have called for my attention, some worthwhile and some not so worthwhile, and time spent writing has declined. My journal is 3 weeks behind, for by the time bedtime rolls around, I find myself much preferring to read and rest instead of using more mental energy to write. There are currently ideas for 4 plays/musicals floating around in my head, but as I focus on the one I am preparing to direct, I haven't take the time necessary to start or continue work on a completely new one. There are numerous topics or ideas I have for posts, but as you see from the lack of actually well-written ones recently, I haven't taken much time to devote to this blog.

Time flies by quickly. We each have the same amount, and yet somehow it seems to faster or be more full for certain people. We all have a choice as to how we will use our time... and recently I haven't chosen to write much.

I have missed it, however. I hope to get back to doing it soon. It will take a choice, to write even when I don't always feel like it. Sometimes it will come as a result of words welling up in my heart until they can't help but burst forth and be written out. Other times, it takes a lot more effort and continued use of the backspace key.

I've never thought of myself as a writer. It sounds like too high of a distinction for one such as myself, one who misuses the English languages more times than not and is far from perfect in her thought processes. But as more words and ideas burn in my soul, I feel more and more the urge to write, the desire to write, at least to have written. I still don't really call myself a writer; but I pray that God uses the words He allows me to write for His glory.

Perhaps I should stop writing about wanting to write, and go ahead and do it! =)


Ella said...

Anna, I know exactly how you feel. Golly, I have been in writer's block for quite some time. I want to write, but for some reason, the words aren't flowing as readily to my pen as I would like them to =)

Amy said...

My great writing ideas (if only for blog posts) come at about 1 in the AM. By the time I get up for the day, the thoughts have flown out the window. Meh.

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

I feel the same way! I often get the urge to write, but if I wrote half of what I dream up, I would have a lot more written. :) The urge to write comes at the worst times -- when I need to be studying, sleeping, working, etc. Oh well, at least you wrote about wanting to write. That is something!