Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tribute to My Daddy

My Daddy is a Godly man, a committed husband, a wonderful father, a loving grandfather, a strong man. He has shaped my life in so many ways - more than I can recount. Without his loving influence, I would not be the young woman that I am today.

My Daddy provides for his family well, physically, financially and spiritually. One of the best things about my Daddy is that he has always cared more about spending time with his family then earning a lot of money or being in high positions in the work place. Those have come as a result of his hard work, but he has always placed his family first, sometimes taking pay cuts or reducing hours in order to spend more time with us, teaching us and shaping our lives.

My Daddy also enjoys playing games with us, spending time just being with us when he could be doing other things more "productive." Although we are all now at the age and ability that we beat him in almost every game - especially the fast ones - he's not discouraged and he doesn't complain. He jokingly says it's "his duty" to play and come in last so that one of us won't have to be the loser.

My Daddy is incredibly smart, a national merit scholar and graduate of Harvard medical school, yet he doesn't flaunt it. He's one of the most humble men I know. I enjoy just listening to my Daddy talk, no matter the subject. He knows about a wide variety of things, and what he doesn't know he's happy to learn. He helps me a lot when I'm struggling with something or a decision I have to make. He listens and talks through things with me, not forcing his opinion on me, but giving me the opportunity to think and explore while letting me know what his views are. His "Dadisms" - sayings he repeats again and again - are ingrained in our brains and yet quite practical - mostly! =)

He has been a great father to us 7 children, and has given us many memories that we will carry with us all of our life. He has taught us what he knows, encouraged us to read and given us books and the tools to learn, and payed for us to experience many things. He's placed an importance on the arts and the beautiful things in life and pays for lessons, yet also encourages us and teaches us the practical things of life. He's payed for us to travel and experience things outside of our familiar setting, also taking us on many family vacations that bonded us as a family and opened our eyes to God's beautiful creation. The fond memories of these trips are too numerous to recount.

My Daddy can do almost anything. He's a fix-it man, able to repair almost anything around the house. He has a special touch it seems, making things work when we can't figure them out. He plays many instruments, sings in harmony, knows about a wide range of subjects, and is even willing to dance. =) He keeps our property looking well, fixing and maintaining the long dirt road, chopping wood, and growing a garden and blueberries. He designed and built our guest house, teaching his children in the process. He keeps our cars in good working order, able to replace almost any part himself instead of taking it to the shop.

My Daddy is a servant, always ready to give a helping hand. He helps others in the community, and often even helps his girls with dishes at the end of a long day. He has helped with all of the productions I've done, running lights, sound, taking pictures, and even acting if I needed a male role filled. He does so many things well, but doesn't exalt himself. He lives and has taught us to live for God's glory.

I love just being with my Daddy. I love sitting beside him and feeling protected. I enjoy walking along and holding his arm. He makes me feel special as he opens my car door, telling me that he's preparing me so that I'll know how to respond when my husband does it one day.

There are so many things I could write about that I'm thankful for my Daddy. I'm thankful for his provision, his love, his challenging of us, his leading us in devotions, his guiding us in God's ways, and his daily example. I enjoy spending time with him, and having the opportunity to be around him more as he's now retired (and yet staying quite busy around home!). I enjoy following as he leads as my spiritual authority, and for the way he truly seeks to follow God, even when it isn't always popular. Honoring him is not a chore or burden, but a joy and delight! Even when I don't always perfectly agree with his view of things, it is fun to see how God works all things out for the best as I follow my Daddy's guidance.

I miss my Daddy today. He's away in Kansas City, taking care of my grandparents so that my aunt can have a vacation. But although I can't be with him today, he is in my thoughts and prayers.

I love you, Daddy! Happy Father's Day! Thank you for being you! I wouldn't want any other father in the world!


Amy said...

"He jokingly says it's "his duty" to play and come in last so that one of us won't have to be the loser."

Awwwwww......that is really sweet! What a great post for your dad!!

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

What a lovely tribute! It is obvious you have a great dad, and it must bless him immensely to have godly child that value his teaching, authority, and guidance.

marykhris said...

lovely, Anna, both your tribute and your relationship with your Dad.
what a wonderful example of what a father-daughter relationship should look like. :)