Thursday, June 11, 2009

Like the Women of the Bible

Lord, please grant me...

...the willingness of Mary of Nazareth
...the obedience of Ruth
...the devotion of Esther
...the serving spirit of Martha
...the listening ear of Mary
...the hospitality of Lydia
...the faithfulness of Lois and Eunice
...the leadership of Deborah
...the trust of Hannah
...the searching heart of the Queen of Sheba
...the boldness of Priscilla
...the humility of Abigail

I don't know who originally wrote this, but someone posted it in The Attic on The Rebelution Forums, and I thought I'd share it with you all!


Miss Emily said...

Oh, I love this so much! Thank you for sharing it!


justagirl4god said...

I love this poem! Thanks for sharing it!


Ella said...

I thought you originally wrote had you all over it.

Kidding aside, that should be the prayer of all our hearts

Anonymous said...

That is lovely! Thank you for sharing.

The Road in Patience said...

I love this! Thank you so much :)

Have a Blessed Day,


Anonymous said...

How can Ruth be considered obedient when she refused to return to her parents home when Naomi asked her to?

Miriam Rebekah said...

I have to admit that I think "commitment" or "love" would be better for Ruth.

Anna Naomi said...

Anonymous: You raise an interesting question. Like Miriam said, commitment or love might have been a better choice for a characteristic Ruth showed greatly. However, I think Ruth's case is one in which she obeyed God rather than man (Acts 5:39). Ruth went with Naomi because she wanted to forsake her old way of life and the pagan gods and embrace the one true God, while also showing devotion to the aging Naomi. And when Naomi heard her explanation in Ruth 1:16-17, she stopped urging her to leave, and they traveled together. So, in some sense you could say Ruth was obeying God's calling her out of Moab. Also, Ruth did demonstrate obedience to Naomi later in doing what Naomi told her to do in terms of asking Boaz to be her kinsman-redeemer.

Thanks for causing me to think more about this through you question!

Gypsy_Queen said...

This is indeed a beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing it.

Robert said...

I liked that! I wonder if someone has done a "Like the Men of the Bible."

For the next "Girly Things" discussion could I suggest shoes? I've enjoyed reading the different opinions on the previous subjects;my thoughts can be unusual for a male.

Elizabeth said...

I love this prayer! (BTW, I first saw it published over on!) It's so beautiful - thank you for sharing it and uplifting my heart again today! :)