Monday, June 22, 2009

Kitten Pictures

We have been blessed to have more kittens this summer! I thought you all might enjoy seeing a few pictures of their cuteness. They were born on April 28th, making them almost 8 weeks old. One of them has already been given away, and we are looking for homes for these remaining two. Although they will receive new names by their new owners, Jubilee had fun naming them for while we have them.

Peepicheep was the girl of the litter. She was almost pure white and really fluffy, and has already found a new home with some friends.

Reepicheep is white and gray, with stripes and some Siamese markings, as the kittens are 1/8 Siamese.

Pattertwig is a brown tabby, with some fun markings!

They are sweet, gentle kittens that are a joy to hold! Jubilee especially works with them to make them gentle, resulting in good, docile kittens for families!

They have always lived outdoors, but could be trained to live inside. It is fun to see them frolicking outside the door during the day, and they're perfect to hold when watching a movie or just wanting to relax.

They're also very playful, and they enjoy wrestling with each other. Boys will be boys. =)

But, overall, they are really very sweet and good! We hope and pray that they will find new homes with good families soon!


Anonymous said...

I love their names! I had a kitten named Caspian. He kinda look like the brown one.
So Cute!

Ella said...

Oh, they are so precious!! I would love a kitten, but Mom is so allergic....and we have two dogs anyway =)

marykhris said...

can i have one!? too bad i can't.(school) :) they look cute and fun!

Katelyn said...

I found your website on the rebelution's blog. The kittens' Narnian names are so cute! When our cat had kittens, we named some of them Caspian, Gandalf, and Esther.

Katelyn Snell

Mardi said...

The kittens are cute! I would love to have a cat, but my parents don't like them!! Besides, with two spoiled dogs already, I doubt they would like a cat either! Btw, nice names!

Anonymous said...

The kittens are precious. Unfortunately I am very allergic or would take one in an heartbeat! I so enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for sharing!

Danette Baker
Spokane Washington

Sveta said...

I have a cat named Reepicheep too!THe one of the kittens playing is really cute. ~Sveta~