Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Busy Summer Days

As you may have noticed by the lack of posts recently, these past few weeks have been busy ones for us writers of Maidens of Worth! We hope to get back into posting regularly soon, but it seems as though each day brings yet another thing our way. The days have passed so swiftly - it's hard to believe it's already the middle of June!

Anna has been planning and organizing and cleaning and cooking and teaching and planning some more. June 2nd brought the first of the 3-week summer workshop of The King's Praise Ballet. She's been teaching 3 classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays to 22 girls and enjoying every minute, although it can leave her quite tired at times! Tomorrow will be the last classes with a small, informal presentation at the end for the students to demonstrate some of what they learned.

That won't end the planning, however. Her days have been full with all of the writing and correspondence it takes to fully explain plans for a summer musical, fall classes (for which registration starts on Thursday), and the beginning of an arts ministry called The King's Courts, of which The King's Praise Ballet is a part. She's excited about where God has led so far and how He will lead in the future, and looks forward to sharing more with you when she has a better website designed!

After a week "off," she'll be headed off to Ballet Magnificat's Teacher's Workshop for two weeks of great learning and fun. It will be a refreshing yet tiring time of dance and also a time of new ideas and vision for the future!

By the time she's done with all the designing, writing, and planning on the computer, her eyes are too tired to do much more online. She's enjoyed spending time with family and reading in a few spare moments.

Miriam's days have been full of music as she prepares for her senior music recital, which will be a week from Friday. She has finally gotten all her music prepared and is more than ready for her recital in nine days. After that she hopes to get at least one post in before she leaves for a couple of days to set up and shoot an enormous firework show on the Fourth.
Then she'll also head off to music camp for two weeks. She's looking forward to spending this time with other music people and just having a good time.

Upon coming back she will help Anna with the musical she's been planning to put together.
And then...the whole new adventure of college...

In the midst of the busy times, we have found some time to be together! We brought our younger sisters and met our friend Samantha at the Shakespeare Festival for a picnic last night.

It was a wonderful, relaxing time of fellowship and fun! We ate supper, talked, played a round of Crazy Uno, and just enjoyed being together. Although while driving that afternoon the temperature read 100 degrees, with the water and trees it was a bit cooler at the park, and as the sun went down and a breeze picked up, it became rather pleasant!

We finished the evening with a walk around the beautiful grounds, a delightful way to get some exercise and keep up the conversation!

It's fun to have our younger sisters with us. Jubilee is now 14 and Esther is 15 - everyone is growing up so quickly!Anna and Jubilee had kittens with them, for although they had tried to give them away earlier in the day, there had been no takers. They were sweet to hold, however, and Jubi had fun giving them a ride on her shoulders. =)

As twilight deepened, we finally said goodbye and headed home. It was a great way to spend the end of another summer day!

What about you? What are you up to this summer? We would enjoy hearing about your summer days!


Anonymous said...

sounds lovely...
i love summer, so busy and peaceful at the same time.
-mary khris

Samantha said...

I had so much fun with you girls yesterday! Hope we can do it again soon! You two have fun at your camps this summer!!

Ella said...

You both are certainly keeping busy! My summer isn't really going to have anything "interesting" for another 28 days....but I am keeping busy nonetheless =)

Miss Emily said...

It's great to hear all the things both of you are doing. Summer is such a wonderful time to spend with friends and family. As for what I'll be doing this summer, this past week I've been teaching at my church's vacation bible school, and tomorrow I leave my family for the summer. I work at a Christian Inn/Conference center in upstate New York. I'm going to miss my family very much, but i'm very excited to get spend the summer with friends I haven't seen this whole year! I hope you two enjoy your summer, and have a great time at your camps!

Anonymous said...

sounds like you've been really summer has been going by very quickly with work and spending time with family...i finally get to see everyone at a family reunion this weekend :) Hope you have a great time at camp this summer!

-Becca McElyea

The Road in Patience said...

It looks like all of you are having such fun in those photographs =D
Thanks for sharing these!

Anonymous said...

It is good to hear that you are well and busily praising the Lord!


Liza M. said...

Our summer is pretty empty, but that's because Mama's due to have baby #8 in two weeks! So our summer will be full of baby duty, and my sister Maddie and I will have to take over all the meals!

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

Busy, busy! I hope you both have a great summer! I will be studying for most of the summer and continuing to work at the library. I do have a break in July; I'm taking a trip to Virginia for two weeks to be with family and go to a wedding! ...I think I have to take a math book with me though. :(