Thursday, May 21, 2009

Why I Wear Skirts

If you haven't already read the post "Why I Wear Skirts" over at Is This Modest? I encourage you to read it now! Hannah did a great job in writing a grace-filled post on wearing skirts - not saying that pants are bad, but giving reasons why she personally has chosen to wear skirts.

Her post was one I could agree with wholeheartedly. While it would be nice if I had a Bible verse to point to that backs up my reasoning to wear skirts, I personally don't believe that there is one. As for me, I have chosen to wear skirts, and I do believe that God led me to this decision 3 years ago. I have found peace and joy in wearing clothing that I am truly comfortable and feel beautiful in.

Why do I do it? As the above-mentioned post outlines, I do think that the shape of skirts tend to be more modest (although there are many immodest skirts out there, because of tightness or length). Although there are certainly pants that fit the standards of modesty, they are often hard to find. Like it or not, pants tend to cling to and accentuate things I'd rather not show. When I wore pants, I usually ended up getting ones that were so loose and frumpy that I felt rather ugly and uncomfortable in what I wore. There are creative ways of finding them and making them more modest and feminine, but I just enjoy going ahead and wearing skirts instead!

That said, there are circumstances that do call for pants, and in those situations I do wear them. Yes, I can do many things in a skirt, but sometimes it makes others and yourself more comfortable to wear pants in situations of much movement, so that there isn't the underlying question in everyone's mind of whether or not the skirt will fly up. I do play and do active things in skirts, but I make sure that they are long enough, sometimes wear shorts underneath, and I have learned to manage my skirt modestly in many situations. However, there are still times that call for pants, and times that I wear them in order to make others more comfortable. Two things are good to remember: context and company. Some things are just fine if there are only girls around, other times it is good to change or simply refrain from the activity.

The history of women wearing pants, based in feminism and a desire to be just like the men also makes me enjoy skirts more. Yes, I know that pants don't stand for those things now-a-days, but the old-fashioned girl in me prefers to dress in the way women did for centuries.

After many questions by others of whether I wear skirts because I have to, or if I'm of a certain denomination based on my appearance (with long hair and skirts), I have wondered whether or not I should wear pants more just to not come across as legalistic, for that is not my intention at all! But, each time I have explained my reasoning - often not much more than "I just enjoy them more!" many respond by saying that they think it's neat and admire my decision.

Yes, it's different. But is different bad? I know that part of being modest is not drawing undue attention to oneself. Wearing skirts most of the time does make you stand out in some situations, and so I have wondered whether I was right in wearing them. However, I find it sad that girls are noticed simply because they're wearing a dress. We're given the beautiful advantage of being able to wear such pretty things, so I'm all for making them more common in everyday life by wearing them myself each day! =)

My overall reasoning for wearing skirts? They're such a joy! Getting dressed each day is fun! I never had such a good time picking out my outfits when wearing pants. :-) I know, this reasoning sounds rather fickle, but it is truly a personal preference, a matter of opinion. Praise God for the grace He has given us to enjoy each new day in many different ways!

Yes, always wearing skirts can tends towards frumpiness. It's something that I try to guard against, although we certainly don't have to look dressed up and ready for a ball all the time just because we wear a skirt! They do make me feel somewhat like a princess however. =) At the same time, I in no way have the perfect style figured out!.

Although many think it must cost a fortune to wear so many skirts, skirts don't have to be expensive. I can sew nice ones for $10 or less (depending on fabric choice), and thrift stores and discount outlets often have nice ones at good prices. In fact, for $22 I bought 4 skirts and a dress at such stores on Tuesday! It takes hunting and creativity, but it's fun to find such bargains!

Wearing a skirt reminds me that I am a lady, and I enjoy that minute-by-minute reminder as the fabric swishes around my legs. I enjoy giving a twirl now and then just for the fun of it. I enjoy being a girl. Wearing skirts helps me remember and delight in the fact that God made me to be feminine!

Yes, you can do this by wearing pants. I have to not find pride in my skirt-wearing, just as those who wear pants shouldn't look down on skirt-wearers because they wear skirts. As in all things, we must find a balance, and not be held in bondage because of what we wear. As for me, wearing skirts helped set me free to be the woman God made me to be!

If you're not led to wear skirts all the time, then don't do so and don't feel condemned by any means! If, however, you'd like to but are scared of what others will think, don't be afraid! Yes, people do tease sometimes in fun, but I've gotten far more compliments on "what a pretty outfit" - although compliments shouldn't be our motivation for what we wear either. If you are another skirt-wearer, then find encouragement that there are others out there that enjoy the same things you do.

Walk in grace, whether clad in a skirt or pants. :)


The Road in Patience said...

I feel the same sometimes. I don't want to draw attention yet I want to stay modest. In the end it all works out as long as I am doing it for the right reasons. Great post!

Have a blessed day,


Lana said...

Absolutely GREAT POST.

I love skirts. However, quite often I fall into the adventure situation. I just love hikes! GRIN


Lana said...

BTW, this young woman has been challenging us to wear skirts everyday this week. How fun!

justagirl4god said...

Hey Anna,

that was an awesome post! I do agree that skirts are definitely more fun and easy to wear, however it is sad that people are not more accepting of modest clothing in our society. I know I often get strange looks if I wear my favourite gypsy skirt around town (however I love that skirt so much I don't notice!) :). I also find it hard when I want to wear a skirt but it is just not practical - such as when I am working at a kindy class - it is a little hard to run after 3 year olds in a skirt! :) But I have fun experimenting and trying different combinations of clothes to get a modest, feminine look (at the moment, I am wearing tights under skirts as the weather gets cooler here in Australia).
Have fun with your skirts!

Vanessa said...

It's so wonderful to see that there are other girls out there that enjoy being ladylike! I love wearing skirts and dresses too. It's good, too, that you are choosing to dress the way you do without judging others who make different choices. There is no sense in cutting off relationships because of clothes. God bless you!


marykhris said...

You are so beautiful Anna! you should definitely wear what you want as long as it is modest and feminine! God bless, mk

Samantha said...

I really like this post! I love skirts, and especially wear them as lounge clothes around the house. I love how I can curl my legs under me and use it as a blanket on my feet when i'm cold lol. :) You've been an amazing example to me, Anna, forsaking today's fashions for God's choice. Love ya!

Sveta said...

This post was encouraging to me, because a lot of people around me wear pants, and I like to see that there are other girls that think like me. Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...


I really appreciate not only your honesty in this post, but the acceptance that what works for you may not work for others. I completely and fully know I am saved by the grace of God, study His Word, and am faithful in my church, but will readily admit my viewpoint on certain things - like clothing - is vastly different than yours.

Without giving too much detail, let's just say I'm known as a bit of a rocker. :) I don't reveal too much of my body, but I do wear so-called flattering items, and I enjoy being unique, whether that is in a pair of black skinny jeans or a (usually knee-length) geometrical patterned skirt. Either way, I love the Lord and know I am NOT dishonoring Him in my personal walk with Him by the clothing I wear...and if I did feel such a conviction, I would certainly change what I did.

- Andrea

Elijah Lofgren said...

> While it would be nice if I had a Bible verse to point to that backs up my reasoning to wear skirts, I personally don't believe that there is one.

Dear Anna,

I'm glad that there isn't one. Otherwise it'd be hard to do certain fun outdoor activities with girls.

I'm glad there is not a verse that says:
"Women are to adorm themselves modestly in skits that reach 2.5 inches below their knees and in shirts that reach no more than 0.5 inches below their chin and...." ;)

Principles are better than specifics. ;)

Love ya!
Call anytime. :)

Your bro,


Elijah Lofgren said...

Yikes, I need to do some editing to the example verse!

e.g. "shirts that reach no more than 0.5 inches " should be "shirts who necklines are no more than 0.5 inches"

feel free to just fix it yourself and not approve this comment.



Anna Naomi said...

Thank you all for your comments! I enjoy hearing from you all!

Elijah: I can't figure out how I edited comments before, so I just had to go ahead and publish both. I make the same kinds of typos, so don't worry about it! ;)

Jack's Mommy said...

I went to a very conservative independent fundamentalist baptist church school for 13 years where wearing skirts were the "rule" and you're "headed for hell" if pants come within 10 feet near you - yet I have never, ever, ever heard any of those women there explain wearing skirts in such a beautiful manner as you just did. For years after graduating, I felt extremely put off by the legalistic attitude of the skirt wearers I grew up with (and consequently, wore nothing but pants for a long time!). If I would have read your post years ago, my attitude towards skirts would have changed dramatically. :) Thanks for a refreshing outlook on this subject.

Joanna said...

Thank you, Anna for this post. It was very encouraging and uplifting. Through the years of following your site, God has used you all to encourage me to wear skirts and dresses more often than I used to. And I enjoy it!

May the Lord bless you as you seek His face!


Elijah Lofgren said...

Jack's Mommy,

It's sad how legalism can make things that can be good choices into a legalistic duty that takes away joy. Praise God for His grace and his mercy in delivering many from legalism! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Anna,
It is so nice to read about a girl that is like me. Sometimes I feel like
I'm the only girl in america that wears skirts. I totaly agree with your reason for wearing skirts. I also just started wearing them regulary and really enjoy it!
thanks for your post,

Elijah Lofgren said...

It's cool to see people commenting that are non-conformist to the prevailing trends in culture.

Reminds me of this cool, upbeat song:

Krystal Meyers
Song: Anticonformity

It's all around
Pressure from my so-called friends
It's all around
I'm measured by some stupid trend
It's all around
Everyone is just like them
It's all around
So I'm anticonformity
I don't try too hard to be
I'm not what you think you see
Inside I've made a change
And I'll never be the same

They conform
They conform
Forget about variety
Yeah they conform
They don't know what they believe
They conform

Image is overrated if it washes off in the rain
You know you gotta go deeper to go against the grain

-- from

Miss Emily said...

Wonderful post! I enjoyed reading it so much. It truley was your site that just pushed me over the line to finally follow my convictions and wear skirts or dresses daily. There are days I feel like the only girl in the world who dresses the way I do, and it's nice to come to your site and see that I'm not :-D

God bless!

Miss Emily said...

oh! and I almost forgot when you had said how you don't want to draw attention and yet wearing skirts seems to do just that.(or something to that effect :-D ) I had just said that to one of my friends last week!

Anonymous said...

I have always preferred to wear skirts and dresses whenever possible and a few years ago with my husband’s support I gave up trousers (“pants” in England have a rather different meaning!) altogether. So aside from the odd hiking and skiing trip I haven’t worn them in over three years. I love them and I don’t find it difficult or inconvenient, just occasionally I might have to be a bit careful what I do (I live in the country) but I can’t see any reason to go back, after all women wore nothing but skirts until 50 years ago and they worked harder and lived in more difficult circumstances than we ever do.

What might surprise you is that I don’t have any particular religious convictions, but what I share with you is a belief in traditional male / female roles (I’m a ‘stay at home mum’) and a rejection of all that feminist nonsense that men and women are the same. I do sometimes feel like an endangered species and found your blog desperately searching for likeminded “old fashioned girls” who enjoy their femininity.

As far as clothes go my rule is that whatever I wear it should be modest > feminine > ( ideally) pretty / elegant in that order. Modesty is very important (I think it goes hand in hand with being feminine) and although both short skirts and tight trousers can be immodest in my view a skirt always looks better covers you better and feels nicer.

So I may not always share your religious justification but as far as all the other reasons for wearing skirts I am 100% with you although I would say that a pretty dress is even better !

Anonymous said...

HANNAH! YOU NEVER TOLD ME YOU GOT ON THIS SITE!!!!!! Very good again, although I've read it.
And Anna or Miriam, do you know Hannah? How did you find her? I've known her for about 2 years over email, we're GREAT friends. :-)

<3 Rachel Clarke

Anna Naomi said...

Rachel: Which Hannah are you talking about? I know quite a few girls named Hannah, but I can't figure out which one you're referring to.

Anyways, thanks for the comment! =)

Ali said...

It makes me feel good that I'm not the only girl who wears skirts. It's very hard to find skirts that aren't too short and not too tight.

God Bless you always,

Anonymous said...

I love wearing dresses, skirts / tops are great too but a dress feels even more girly and especially in summer I think their really practical, an outfit in one go.

Your long pale blue dress is just beautiful and I love it that you find times to wear it. I've got a couple of long dresses and love wearing them but it's hard to think of excuses to be so 'dressed' up.

I wear skirts every day and although I've got a pair of jeans I find I have to wear something long over them as I don't like showing my shape in that area if you know what I mean.

Another thing, I don't sew and I find is that although there are loads more skirts on sale in summer, there often not lined so you have to be REALLY careful what you wear underneath and just when you can buy a pretty skirt all the tops are too skimpy and show your br* straps !

Anna Naomi said...

I have enjoyed all of your comments! And, although it's probably obvious, though I talk about "skirts" throughout they refer to both skirts and dresses. =) I enjoy wearing both!

Hannah L. said...

I'm the one who wrote the post on Is This Modest--and Rachel was talking about me. :-) She thought you had re-posted my article on your blog, and then was really surprised, because she didn't know that I knew you, when I actually didn't but had read your blog--and all the while, I had no idea! *Laugh* Very confusing. But thank you very much for recommending my article, and I appreciate yours very much!

God bless,
Hannah L.

Kathrann said...

I LOVE your post on why you wear dresses and skirts! This is exactly what I've been trying to layout in my mind for 3 years now! I do have one problem. I wish I could wear skirts and dresses ALL the time! But, I can't find any! Wear do you get yours? I'm petite and have junior size waist, so I can't wear women's sizes unless they're 0-2 petite. You can't find a decent skirt or dress really anymore. I've only found one sewing pattern for one. If you know of any, I would really appreciate it!
Once again, thank you sooooo much for your post on this!

-God bless
Kathrann <>< <><

Jayne said...

I wear skirts all the time too. I am not allowed to wear pants and I do find it hard to find a pair of modest pants anyways. Great job at telling people why! I do believe that there is a verse though, The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.Deut 22:5, baggy pants tend to look like men's pants, so it pertains and tight pants that look like girls pants are immodest. PLEASE NOTE: I am not putting down people that wear pants, just what i believe.

Anonymous said...

anonynmous skgurl
Hey anna i really enjoyed reading your post. I know my comment is long, but PLEASE read it. I only wear skirts and dresses too. About 3 years ago my dad said something about how he doesn't think girls should wear pants but that was his opinion and my parents allow me to wear whatever i want as long as im modest. But ever since he told me that it just kept bothering me, i didn't know if i was disobeying God (JESUS) by wearing pants. I went back and forth with it. I loved wearing my pants, i was involved with sports and i just liked pants. But i felt that it was a personal conviction from God. It was hard switching over to only wearing skirts and dresses but ive been doing it for about 3 years now. I have to say it was only by God's grace that i was able to do it. I just have to get over the comments people make like "that girl always be wearing skirts gosh" its like why do people have to be that way. I was kinda a popular i guess when i was wearing pants but when i switched to just skirts and dresses my so called friends changed. Their not mean to me but they don't talk to me. BUT I RATHER DO WHAT I FEEL GOD WANTS ME TO DO THAN TRY TO PLEASE PEOPLE. Reading your post really encouraged me. If you don't mind i'd lik to stay in contact with you, i guess through email JESUS BLESS YOU!

Anonymous said...

I love wearing skirts i wear them everyday! The only time I wear them is when Im working out.
Keep wearing your skirts

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your blog. It was a real encouragement. I decided to just wear skirts/dresses about 6 years ago. I was saved around age 10 and didn't live for the Lord like I should have until age 17.
To me wearing skirts represents the change that was made in my heart. God saved me from all my sin. That doesn't mean I'm sinless just means I'm not the same person I was years ago. My way of speach, my friends, the places I go, etc. are all for the honor of God. I want my life to glorify Him. I remember when I use to wear pants that I was always concerned on how my "rear" looked when I should have been concerned on what God thought. Now I don't think it is wrong for women to wear pants. I have friends who do and they manage to keep them modest. I also feel that me wearing skirts helps with the opportunity to witness to others. When someone asks me why I wear skirts all the time I am able to tell them how God changed my life and saved my wretched soul and how God can do the exact same thing for them! Praise His name!
I have two girls now and I just pray that my life is able to show them the way to the Cross. I want them to not have any regrets and to give their all to the work of Christ. Please keep me in prayers! Thanks you,
Amanda from TN

Katie Marie said...

Hi Anna, I just recently started wearing skirts about 95% of the time. For my 13th birthday, my Mom and Dad gave me several wonderful skirts =). My Mom and I were wondering where to find nice modest skirts for quite a time, and we've found that Kmart and Ross have a good selection. They (Kmart) does have a nice selection on their website, ( if you want to check them out. Also, the good thing about Ross is that they have good prices and many things are marked down from their usual price. Hope this helped!
Oh and by the way, I love your dress! =)

samantha said...

There are times that call for skirts and dresses and I like to wear them now and then. In winter it is too cold and I like thermals and pants, sweaters, jackets and coats. I would freeze in a skirt or dress and have caught pneumonia before dressing up in dresses at night to go out and not covering my body up. It is definately not practical to wear dresses and skirts all the time , especially in the cold winters. I use my judgment and dress accordingly. It is also a shame that many businesses freeze customers and employees in the winter months as well, making it difficult to show much femininity.

Claire said...

Like most of the correspondents here, I wear only skirts and dresses. Usually I wear a skirt and blouse, on special occasions I switch to a dress. I never wear pants/trousers. All of the skirts and dresses I wear cover my knees, my belief in dressing modestly means I simply cannot allow any of my thighs to be seen.
For church I always wear a long sleeved white blouse, buttoned fully to the neck, with a long skirt down to my ankles. Underneath I wear a full-length cotton or satin slip as an extra layer of modesty, and to ensure that no part of my bra can be seen through the blouse.
God Bless you all,

Anonymous said...

very good Claire; formal, feminine and modest. perhaps try a scarf at the collar of your blouse. i do believe a high necked long sleeved formal blouse is best along with the proper skirts.

Anonymous said...

I wear skirts because I'm sanctified and I love God. The bible says a woman should not wear anything thing that pertainet to a man. So that is why I started my blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna,

Thank you for your balanced approach to such a difficult topic. I am a homeschool mom who struggles with this topic myself. I grew up in a nonchristian home and have always worn feminine modest pants. I feel funny wearing a skirt because I actually feel like I am trying to dress up for something or trying to impress. Anyway, with that being said, one thing that I want to express is that it really is the heart that matters. I have met many conservative christian families whose girls all wear skirts, yet they are not kind, acutally seem to stick up their head in pride, and ignore those who are Christain girls or women who do not wear skirts. I find that many who choose this root tend to either think that they are more mature christians or are more godly than the pant wearing christians. This saddens me. I love that some women have chosen to wear skirts. I think they look beautiful. However, this issue should not be something that divides. There are too many true commands we are to heed and spend our time thinking about such as loving God, loving our neighbor, caring for the orphans/widows, sharing the gospel, etc. Too many conservatives have been side tracked and many have lost their love for others at least for others who may have a different conviction in this area. Well this certainly doesn't seem to describe you. I think your post is both loving and balanced. Thank you.
Many blessings,

HappyMe said...

Thank you, Anna! I like your attitude. We should be modest, but a person should come to the understanding on her/his own (with God's help, of course!). So for us it is really far more better to say:"I just LOVE wearing skirts!" than to talk about modesty and so on.
It is the most important principle not to condemn anyone - so TRUE!
Well, about the Bible. There is a text in Deuteronomy 22:5 which is quite thought provoking on the subject.
God bless you!

Anonymous said...

i realy like this i am the only one in my family and group of friends who only wears skirts and dresses and at first people did not like it but now the have learned to exsept me but one lady at my church yelled at me because i only where skirts and i was realy shocked because i am being modest and i am not hurting any one i dont understand why when a girl wheres a mini skirt to church no one says a word to her but they dont like me wearing a floor lenth skirt to church but whatever i do this becaus i like fealing lady like and i feel like god wants me to so i can identify with anna on this

Anonymous said...

Dear Anna, LOVE THIS SITE! I too want to change over to only wearing skirts. I have had such heartbreak in the clothing stores that have nothing but worldly, revealing,and really strange things called "clothes". I have actually wanted to cry and became seriously depressed over the lack of modest, Christian clothing. I was going thread bear with worn out clothes. But, then I thought of a plan to help me get the feminine, modest clothes I so desperately wanted. On the floor I sat and made my own patterns for A-line skirts and high-necked shirts! Even though I stitch every seam by hand, I'm slowly getting the feminine clothes I wanted! I had made this an issue of prayer to Jehovah (I'm a Jehovah's Witness) and I know Jehovah is helping me to make clothing that honors Him. My new skirts reveal my Christian identity along with my Bible based conduct! Thank you, Anna! There is a wonderful Youtube video of a family of girls who make and wear skirts called "appropriate Apparel by "OneTwirlyGirly". Thanks for your encouragement. I'm different from this wicked world and want to stay that way for always! Love, Cathie

Anonymous said...

Anna, I wanted to add to my comment above and tell you that I just love your feminine cloths! The blue dress is soooo pretty! I have always felt I was a "maiden of worth". But, now, with my handmade skirts and tops, I'm also a "maiden of skirts"!! :-)