Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Weekend with Family

We were blessed to be able to spend Memorial day weekend with family. My sister Maria and her husband and three children came to our house Friday through Sunday, and my sister Lydia was here in between college and her summer camp job.

How many can you fit under one umbrella?

On Friday evening we went to the annual Memorial weekend Montgomery Symphony Concert, where we met three of the Hart children for a picnic. Caleb played in the symphony and did really well. The rest of us dodged sprinkles and enjoyed the beautiful music.

James, Sara, and Lisa Beth enjoyed running out some of their energy on the sidewalk in front.

Grandmotherly love

It was just what an evening ought to be - a picnic with family and friends, and beautiful music to set the mood. It was slightly cold and a bit wet at times, but it was a great kick-off to the summer!

Lisa Beth isn't so little anymore, being 2 1/2 years old. They grow up so quickly!

It is so much fun to be an aunt! What a delight to have a soft little one to scoop up and spin in circles with, hearing her squeals of joy!

Sara may be 5 years old, but I can still lift her - for now!

It's quieter here now, with only Dad, Mom, and Jubilee around. I miss the others, but am still enjoying being home. I have kept busy with organizing things around the house, cooking and cleaning, and planning for summer dance classes and a musical. I start teaching next week, teaching 3 weeks of dance classes twice a week for a nice summer dance workshop. The summer promises to be full, but I look forward to all that it has in store!

Thanks to Maria for taking these pictures and emailing them to me!


The Road in Patience said...

Those are all great photographs of your family!, it looks like you had a good time. (I liked the umbrella idea)
Don't children grow up fast, it scares me sometimes.

Have a Blessed Day,


Lucy said...

Hello, first let me say what a lovely blog this is!! I dont actually have a blog myself but i came across your blog and was really struck by it, You both seem to be amazing young women and I feel so reassured to see that there are actually Godly women of my age out there. You are truly an inspiration!
Personally i dont have any religious friends and my family isn't religious :( and I myself only turned to christianity about a year ago and was only baptised and confirmed about a month ago. Discovering christianity COMPLETELY changed me, i am truly a different girl. Before, I unfortunately did do many bad things .
To be honest I would like to ask your advice on something, I know its random and ofcourse we dont know each other but really I dont have a relationship with any christian people and so this is why i am asking you, i hope you dont mind.
One of the very questionable things I did before, was sign a contract of marriage with a muslim man. I care about him and at the time it seemed right but he says that only one of our children can be christian and in my heart i know it's just all wrong, i dont even know if the marriage is valid in God's eyes...probably not! I keep praying to God to help me in knowing what to do and although I haven't had a clear sign telling me what to do, i believe the constant thoughts i keep having telling me 'its wrong, tell him you dont want this 'marriage' anymore, get out of this sham!' are coming from God. I am completely lost and seeing what incredible women you are and how important religion is to you I really have to ask your opinion and ask if you have any advice?
Forgive me for disturbing you and thanks, you are really a very big inspiration to me!
God Bless.

Anna Naomi said...

Oriana: Yes, it's amazing how quickly children grow up! It seems as if it were just yesterday that my nieces and nephews were born!

Lucy: Thank you for your comment and searching. I am honored you would ask me, although there is no way I can fully know your situation. I will try to answer you more in-depth tomorrow, as I need to head to bed. However, please know that I will be praying for you and your difficult situation, and am praying for wisdom to know how to respond to your questions. God bless you as you continue seeking Him!

Anna Naomi said...

Lucy: I'm sorry that it's taken me this long to respond to your comment!

I can't imagine the difficulties you're facing. I don't know your situation fully, but God does, and as you seek Him He will lead you clearly. Are you a part of a local church? If not, I encourage you to find one and start learning more about God and His Word, the Bible. Seek out people in the church who can mentor and disciple you, and who can give you better advice as they see your situation in person.

Also, ask those you trust to investigate whether your 'marriage' really is a true one, or whether it's a sham as you think it may be. Ask them for help in figuring out what to do. Read 1 Corinthians 7 and 1 Peter 3 in the Bible, as they deal specifically with marriage and how it relates to a spouse that is not an unbeliever.

Above all, continue to pray and seek the Lord with persistence and passion! Find Christians to get to know and immerse yourself in God's Word. As you trust Him, He will make it clear what you are to do.

I hope this has helped you in some way! I will be praying for you, that God will give you great wisdom!