Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

The sermon "Keepers of the Springs" by the late Peter Marshall is worth remembering on this Mother's Day.

"The modern challenge to motherhood is the eternal challenge, that of being godly women. The very phrase sounds strange in our ears. We rarely hear it now. . . .

The world has enough women who know how to be smart. It needs women who are willing to be simple. The world has enough women who know how to be brilliant. It needs some who will be brave. The world has enough women who are popular. It needs more who are pure. We need women, and men too, who would rather be morally right than socially correct."

- (emphasis mine) Read the rest here.

May all of you mothers be encouraged and inspired by what you read, and all of you who long to be mothers be challenged to prepare yourself well for this high calling, asking God to mold you into His Godly woman.

To all of you mothers who read our blog, and especially to our own mothers, may you have a wonderfully blessed Mother's Day with your family!


Lana said...

Good post! (This is Marlana.)

The Road in Patience said...

I loved this, I will show it to others who need to know. It has a beautiful message. Thank you so very much!

God Bless,