Friday, May 15, 2009

Differing Opinions

Blogging is a fun and interesting activity. It allows you to share your thoughts and get feedback on what others think about a wide range of different topics. There are also so many blogs written by others to read, with many people sounding so definite on what they believe is right.

However, one thing that I have had to remember again and again is that, although there are definite, non-negotiable things God has laid out in His Word, there are also many things that are open to personal preference and conviction. Each one should be fully convinced in her own mind as to why she does what she does, but it can also be easy to over analyze simple things, when really, it's all a matter of personal taste. When writing, it is so easy to generalize and type strong statements because of the things that work well for you.

I really enjoy hearing all of the different thoughts on The Daily Discipline and "Girly Things" Discussion posts, as well as all of the others we write. I enjoy reading comments from people with similar or nearly exact views, as well as those with tastes or views completely different from my own, if they are written in a respectful manner. They show the beautiful diversity of people within the body of Christ. After all, if every woman was exactly like me in her preferences, the world would be a boring and rather scary place! =)

There are so many issues that are open to interpretation as we each pray about what God would have us do. We know that modesty is commanded in Scripture , but God doesn't lay out an exact list of what exactly that means in terms of hem and neckline. God made men to be masculine and women to be feminine, but we aren't told what that exactly looks like, in terms of hair, clothing, jewelry, and demeanor. We are told to make the best use of our time and to not be lazy, but we are not given a blueprint for the exact time we should rise, the schedule we're to have, or the time we need to go to bed.

At the same time, there are definitely principles laid out in Scripture that apply to all of these topics. We should all be diligently studying the Word and asking God to show us the way He wants us to live.

In this search, it can also be very helpful to read the writings of others, see what they believe and what works for them, and think and pray about whether or not you should be doing some of the same things. This is why I blog, to encourage other women in their pursuit of Godliness and Biblical femininity, while sharing some of what has helped me on the way. However, please don't take everything I write as an absolute. I am not saying "this is is what you must do in order to be a maiden of worth in God's eyes." I am still learning and growing, and some of my preferences will probably change in time.

There is definite truths that we must stand strong on. The church becomes so weak when we begin accepting everything and anything just because we want everyone to feel comfortable and don't want to be deemed "legalistic." However, there are also things that we shouldn't impose on others because of the way we were raised or because they are our personal tastes and convictions. We should be holding forth God's truth and standard.

I hope that I don't come across as someone who has it all figured out. I write as I feel led, and pray that it blesses and encourages others, and causes them to think. Please test everything that I write against Scripture, and please let me know if there are places you think I am wrong. I enjoy hearing from you! By discussing things in a respectful and encouraging way, we can show the wide range of personalities that God has placed in each individual one of His children.


Lana said...

Good post, and I agree with you all the way.

Luke and Michele said...

Beautifully written :)

love ya,

Meghan said...

I totally agree!

What God has for one individual is not always what he has for others. He shows and convicts people on a variety of things and we all have different tastes and likes and dislikes...not everyone is the same! As you said, it'd be rather boring if everyone liked the exact same things. :)

Great post!!

Ella said...

I agree with you one hundred percent, my dear!

When it isn't an issue defined in Scripture, I say that people need to act as God leads them to...and it will be different for everybody

eliasboudinotismyfriend said...

This is everything I learned at college this semester and more! :) Thanks so much! How are you enjoying being home?

Patti said...

Ella linked to this post in her latest post, so I just had to check out what you wrote. I must give a hearty AMEN!!!

We conservative Christians seem to think there is only one way to live the Christian life---our way, meaning the way God has led us. We criticize and condemn others and deem ourselves more spiritual than they are because of the way we do things, what we wear, what we listen to, and on and on. As you have so eloquently written, most of those things are not sin issues but a matter of personal preference. Even homeschooling. Yes, a person CAN be a Christian and not homeschool!! Do I hear a gasp?! Just because I homeschool my children, it doesn't mean that God has put that same conviction upon every other heart. We need to allow other people to have the freedom to do and be what God has put on their heart to do and be...and we need to stop judging others and expecting them to do things exactly as we do. There really are many ways to live out the Christian life.

Sorry for such a long comment. It's an issue I'm passionate about.

Mrs. G.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post, we could all always use a reminder that only God's Word is 100% perfect and always right. We must always check what others say against the Word.

And you needn't worry, I don't think you ever come across as having everything figured out or believing your way is the only way. You are very wise beyond your years.

Laura said...

So many people in the world and so many different opinions. As a non-Christian, I like to read about what you and other Christians believe and think about.

*~*Nicole*~* said...

OK, when my daughters are teenagers...can I just send them to you to mentor? I agree with you 100%