Monday, May 18, 2009

The Daily Disciplines: Staying Joyful at Home

Today, I'd like to point you all to read the series Jasmine is writing on her blog, Joyfully Home. "Ways to Stay Joyful at Home" is full of practical advice for young ladies, covering many things that are truly disciplines we should be practicing every day. Although it is especially geared towards daughters living at home, anyone will benefit from reading these practical, thoughtful, and graceful posts! Click here for a compilation of them all, or click the individual links below.

Part 1: Build a strong relationship with your mother
Part 2: Find your sufficiency in the King of Kings
Part 3: Stay busy and useful in the sphere where God has placed you
Part 4: Learn to be a supportive daughter
Part 5: Learn to accept reproof and filter criticism
Part 6: Don't be afraid to answer legitimate questions, but don't let speculation cause you to fear
The series is still ongoing, I believe, so continue to check Joyfully Home for the latest!

As I have come down with a slight cold virus today, I thought it would be better to point you to Jasmine's excellent posts to read instead of trying to write something coherent when my head is somewhat heavy. :-)


Elijah Lofgren said...

I hope you get well soon!

The Road in Patience said...

Hello Anna,

This is a very helpful post, oftentimes I tend to forget how every single day is a chance to practice discipline (thus the name daily disciplines is given). Posts like these help me remember to keep it up.
Thanks so much, I really hope you feel better.

God Bless,


marykhris said...

AWw Anna! get better soon! :(
Do you find that being discipled at home easier than being discipled at home? i do. good post!
luv, mk

marykhris said...

haha i meant easier at school than home! very funny. - mary khris

Anna Naomi said...

Elijah: Thank you! I'm feeling much better today.

Oriana: I'm glad these are a blessing to you!

Mary Khris: I thought that might be what you meant. =) It is a little easier at school, probably, with the regimented schedule that you have to stick to no matter what. At home, there's always a lot of things going on that you could be doing. However, home is a more real environment than the "bubble" at school, so it is more of a test of character and learning to be disciplined at home and stay focused amidst more distractions!