Thursday, April 30, 2009

Study Break

Need a study break? Climb a tree!

Yesterday afternoon some friends came by as I was studying on a beautiful green lawn beneath some great trees on campus and invited me to study for the next final with them. Before we commenced studying, however, we had a great, relaxing diversion climbing trees.

The one I climbed was easy to get into, and fun as well, since I haven't climbed a tree in quite a while! I felt somewhat like Jo from Little Women or the Von Trapp children in "Sound of Music." It was such a delightfully beautiful day yesterday, and it was fun to do something a little out of the ordinary! =)

Finals are going well. Dance final evaluations were the last week of classes, and I did my stage makeup final early. My flute music jury was on Tuesday, and I had 3 finals yesterday. Today I have 1 final, and my last final is at 8 a.m. on Saturday. Soon after I finish it, I'll be getting in the car and driving home! Before then, I'm studying for the tests (though they really haven't been that hard, which is nice), spending time with friends before I go, and packing up to leave. Only 2 more days until I'll be home!


Lydia said...

That's great! I guess all Lofgrens have tree climbing urges at times. I agree it is a lot of fun! That's exciting that your semester is almost done! My last day of classes is next Wednesday (May 5th). Then we have a study day on Thursday. I have finals until Tuesday (the 11th) and then I'm going to see my friends graduation on May 16th, the Lord willing. I plan to dive home either May 16th in the afternoon or first thing on May 17th.
Hope your last few finals go well!

Sylvia said...

What I love about this is that it confirms my opinion that,with a little practice, a lady can do just about anything in a skirt! :-)

Ella said...

Oh boy. Climbing a trees in a skirt =) You are very brave and adventurous!!

Counting down the days until you're home.....but I don't know's not like I live near you!

I am continuing to pray that finals fare well.

Anna Naomi said...

Lydia: Yes, I think Lofgren blood must contain something that gives us a special affection for trees and climbing things. =) Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

Sylvia: Yes, while I think that women can do almost everything in a skirt, we do need to be wise. Normally I wouldn't climb a tree in a skirt simply because it's not the right situation, and it wouldn't always be modest. For this one, there were only girls around, the skirt was full, and the tree was easy to get into without being immodest. In other situations, I would just stay on the ground.

Although I can do almost anything in a skirt since I've had practice in controlling my skirts so that they don't fly up, sometimes it's best not to do some things because of others around being uncomfortable. I actually wore pants on our last camping trip because my dad said that although I could do things modestly in a skirt, by wearing one I was drawing more attention to myself, and sometimes people are uncomfortable because they would think about the possibility of what would happen if I fell and my skirt flew up. Even though it didn't and I usually wore shorts underneath if I was going to be doing something really active, we have to be wise and not draw too much undue attention to ourselves, which wouldn't be modest in itself!

So, yes, I enjoy skirts and am more comfortable in them, and can do many things in them. But, occasionally I wear pants because of the situation or just refrain from doing something if it would make others uncomfortable or be potentially immodest. I'm not perfect in this area, as I prefer to wear skirts at all times, but I am learning!

Ella: Thank you for your prayers! My final today went well. Now I only have one more!

The Road in Patience said...

That looks like so much fun!, it reminds me of how I haven't climbed trees in years!

Sydney said...

You look so beautiful in these pictures...I especially like the first one! :D Looks like so much fun...especially in a skirt, that's the best! :)