Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pictures from the Arkansas Visit

Luke and Michele were so kind to host Elijah and I over our Easter break from our colleges. We had a wonderful visit, and it was a great, relaxing break. It was nice to be able to do nothing but enjoy being with family!

Elijah and I drove down on Thursday night, he arriving around 11 p.m. and I driving in nearer 11:30 p.m. Luke and Michele very hospitably waited up to see us in safely. Praise God, He kept us safe as we drove there and back, Elijah leaving on Sunday afternoon and I leaving on Monday morning. Each time we drove, it was raining quite hard for most of the drive, and on Thursday we even drove through some hail, which was a scary experience! But, God protected us through all of the bad weather, and I was very thankful for cell phones to be able to call Luke and have him reassure me that I could keep driving, as the storm was passing on.

We did a lot of talking over the break, about a wide variety of topics. It is fun to have older siblings to be able to learn from, and younger nieces and nephews to interact with. I thought it was funny that in this picture, both Michele and I are standing the same way! =)

I was so glad that Elijah could come down as well. He had a lot of homework for the weekend (whereas I, blessedly, had none!), and only got Friday, not Monday, off from school, but he made the trip anyway.

One of the highlights for me was being able to hold a baby again, for quite a while out of each day! Babies aren't perfect, but they are definitely a blessing!

My nieces and nephews are growing so much! Danielle is now almost 10, Alex turned 8 while we were there, Zach is 6, Nate is 4, and Bethany is 8 months. They are all a joy to be with!

Aren't babies one of the cutest people of God's creation? Michele made Danielle and Bethany matching dresses for Sunday, which were so lovely and darling!

Elijah and I are blessed to be an uncle and aunt to these fine children! I have really enjoyed learning from Luke and Michele as they parent, getting ideas for when I might have children of my own. It's always a blessing to be able to learn from those who have gone before you, and Luke and Michele willingly shared things with us!

The Luke Lofgren family (or "Luke's family" as we sometimes refer to them). I am blessed to be able to call them part of my family!

Thank you, Luke and Michele and Danielle, Alex, Zach, Nate, and Bethany for having us to your house for a wonderful break! It was a joy to spend Good Friday and Resurrection Day with you.


Ella said...

I can definitely see family resemblances between you, Luke, and Elijah. If I didn't know you were related, I would think you were =)

I loved seeing pictures. And I know how happy you were to be surrounded by family once again!

Stacy Elise said...

Thanks for posting! I love reading about your family, and the pictures are an extra special treat. :-)

During my Easter break I did have a good amount of homework to do, but I stayed up till midnight the day before Easter so that I wouldn't have to do anything on Sunday...it was a good decision. :-)

God bless!

Rachael said...

How blessed you are to be surrounded by so many beautiful family members! Glad to see/hear/read that you had a wonderful Easter weekend!



Elijah Lofgren said...

It was a fun visit! I enjoyed seeing ya'll! :)

Rachael, I know. It's so cool to be able to tell people like a girl I met today that I'm the brother of Anna of MaidensOfWorth.org :)

Lisa said...

I was wondering if you could tell me where the dresses (in the sidebar button) are from? I have looked everywhere for those types of dresses and have been unable to locate any. They are the long dresses with the ruffled petticoats peeking out the bottom of the skirt, with the 3/4 length sleeves.

Anna Naomi said...

Elijah: You're so sweet. =) I had fun "bragging" on my big brother (you!) a few minutes ago, as a friend saw that I got a card from you and commented what a great brother you were. I heartily agreed! Thanks so much for all of the sweet cards you've sent!

Lisa: We actually sewed those dresses using Simplicity's costume pattern #5041. There is actually lace sewn to the bottom of the dress, not a petticoat.